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File“Chemotherapy-periodized” Exercise to Accommodate for Cyclical Variation ...2021-01-25 19:26 2036k
Fileβ-Hydroxy-β-Methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation Does Not Affect Charges in...2021-01-25 20:27 896k
FileZinc-Altered Immune Function.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 88k
FileZinc Supplement Use and Risk of Prostate Cancer.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 120k
FileZinc Intake of the U.S. Population.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 208k
FileZ2.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 216k
FileZ1.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 176k
FileYouth Versus Adult ''Weightlifting'' Injuries Presenting to United States Eme...2021-01-25 19:40 180k
FileYouth Resistance Training - Updated Position Statement Paper From the Nationa...2021-01-25 19:40 196k
FileYouth resistance training (children).pdf2021-01-25 19:40 1600k
FileY9.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 240k
FileY8.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 224k
FileY7.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 428k
FileY6.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 368k
FileY5.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 336k
FileY4.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 220k
FileY3.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 376k
FileY2.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 288k
FileY14.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 1872k
FileY13.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 2384k
FileY12.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 112k
FileY11.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 916k
FileY10.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 548k
FileY1.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 572k
FileWorld-wide Projections for Hip Fracture.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 84k
FileWorld Health Report 2008.pdf2021-01-25 19:26 4248k
FileWorld Health Report 2002 - deaths and dalys by causes.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 92k
FileWorld Cancer Report 2020.pdf2021-01-25 19:30 43136k
FileWorking around the clock - circadian rhythms and skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:25 92k
FileWork-induced growth of skeletal muscle in normal and hypophysectomized rats.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 1596k
FileWomen walking for health and fitness - how much is enough.pdf2021-01-25 17:22 768k
FileWomen resistance training and recovery periods.pdf2021-01-25 17:29 76k
FileWingate anaerobic test reference values for male power athletes.pdf2021-01-25 19:15 464k
FileWhy we should allow performance enhancing drugs in sport.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 144k
FileWhy should people with type 1 diabetes exercise regularly.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 1400k
FileWhy screening tests to predict injury do not work—and probably never will�...2021-01-25 19:55 592k
FileWhy intensity is not a bad word - Optimizing health status at any age.pdf2021-01-25 17:22 676k
FileWhy Do Girls Sustain More Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Than Boys.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 12536k
FileWhole-Body-Vibration–Induced Increase in Leg Muscle Activity During Differe...2021-01-25 20:38 112k
FileWhole-Body-Vibration--Induced Increase in Leg Muscle Activity During Differen...2021-01-25 20:38 112k
FileWhole-body protein metabolism in chronic heart failure relationship to anabol...2021-01-25 20:12 236k
FileWhole-Body High-Intensity Interval Training Induce Similar Cardiorespiratory ...2021-01-25 18:20 1036k
FileWhole-body energy metabolism and skeletal muscle biochemical characteristics.pdf2021-01-25 17:22 688k
FileWhole-Body Electromyostimulation to Fight Osteopenia in Elderly Females.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 2012k
FileWhole-body electromyostimulation as a means to impact muscle mass and ab....pdf2021-01-25 20:38 800k
FileWhole-body electromyostimulation and protein supplementation favorably affect...2021-01-25 20:38 544k
FileWhole body sweat collection in humans.pdf2021-01-25 18:25 124k
FileWhole body muscle hypertrophy from resistance training - distribution and tot...2021-01-25 17:38 500k
FileWhole body and skeletal muscle glutamine metabolism in healthy subjects.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 220k
FileWhite-to-brown metabolic conversion of human adipocytes by JAK inhibition.pdf2021-01-25 17:22 3944k
FileWhich laboratory variable is related with time trial performance time in the ...2021-01-25 20:38 132k
FileWhich factors determine the optimal pedaling rate in sprint cycling.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 116k
FileWhich exercise prescriptions optimize V̇O2max during cancer treatment - A sy...2021-01-25 19:29 600k
FileWhey Protein Supplementation Preserves Postprandial Myofibrillar Protein Synt...2021-01-25 20:27 712k
FileWhey Protein Supplementation During Resistance Training Augments Lean Body Ma...2021-01-25 20:27 336k
FileWhey protein supplementation and its potentially adverse effects on health - ...2021-01-25 20:27 272k
FileWhey protein intake after resistance exercise activates mTOR signaling in a d...2021-01-25 20:27 320k
FileWhey protein hydrolysate augments tendon and muscle hypertrophy independent o...2021-01-25 20:27 456k
FileWhey Protein Does Not Enhance the Adaptations to Elbow Flexor Resistance Trai...2021-01-25 20:27 3320k
FileWhey Protein Before and During Resistance Exercise Has No Effect on Muscle Ma...2021-01-25 20:27 124k
FileWhere Does HIT Fit - An Examination of the Affective Response to High-Intensi...2021-01-25 18:20 252k
FileWhen active muscles lengthen properties and consequences of ecc contractions.pdf2021-01-25 17:32 556k
FileWhat Predicts Functional Outcome after Treatment for Patellofemoral Pain.pdf2021-01-25 19:55 1620k
FileWhat physical activity contexts do adults with psychological distress prefer.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 160k
FileWhat phenomena do occur in blood flow restricted muscle.pdf2021-01-25 17:38 640k
FileWhat makes a champion - Explaining variation in human athletic performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 320k
FileWhat level of physical activity protects against premature cardiovascular dea...2021-01-25 19:37 160k
FileWhat is the impact of inflammation on the critical interplay between mechanic...2021-01-25 19:55 444k
FileWhat is the effect of aerobic exercise intensity on cardiorespiratory fitness...2021-01-25 19:36 2360k
FileWhat is osteoporosis.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 1368k
FileWhat is fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 1656k
FileWhat interventions should we add to weight reducing diets in adults with obes...2021-01-25 17:22 248k
FileWhat every physician should know about polycystic ovary syndrome.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 404k
FileWhat Can We Do to Improve Physical Function in Older Persons With Type 2 Diab...2021-01-25 19:46 52k
FileWhat are the Main Running-Related Musculoskeletal Injuries.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 9232k
FileWhat are the main running-related musculoskeletal injuries - A Systematic Rev...2021-01-25 19:55 176k
FileWhat are the Main Risk Factors for Running-Related Injuries.pdf2021-01-25 19:55 244k
FileWhat are the main risk factors for running-related injuries.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 268k
FileWhat are the health benefits of physical activity in type 1 diabetes mellitus...2021-01-25 19:46 5120k
FileWesternization of dietary patterns among young Japanese and Polish females �...2021-01-25 20:27 268k
FileWeightlifting Training and Hormonal Responses in Adolescent Males (children).pdf2021-01-25 19:40 124k
FileWeight-loss outcomes - a systematic review and meta-analysis of weight-loss c...2021-01-25 20:27 220k
FileWeight-loss outcomes - a systematic review and meta-analysis of intermittent ...2021-01-25 20:27 948k
FileWeight-loss maintenance in successful weight losers - surgical vs non-surgica...2021-01-25 17:22 288k
FileWeight-loss & exercise- physiological adaptations to a dietary regimen.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 176k
FileWeight training, aerobic physical activities, and long-term waist circumferen...2021-01-25 17:22 188k
FileWeight Training Injury Trends.pdf2021-01-25 19:55 32k
FileWeight training in youth-growth, maturation, and safety - an evidence-based r...2021-01-25 19:40 148k
FileWeight training for persons with diabetes mellitus.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 444k
FileWeight training for older americans.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 2196k
FileWeight Training and Risk of 10 Common Types of Cancer.pdf2021-01-25 19:29 220k
FileWeight Training and Repetition Speed.pdf2021-01-25 17:52 260k
FileWeight loss maintenance in successful weight losers - surgical versus non-sur...2021-01-25 17:22 136k
FileWeight Loss in Wrestlers.pdf2021-01-25 19:15 556k
FileWeight loss and exercise - implications for muscle lipid metabolism and insul...2021-01-25 17:22 128k
FileWeight Lifting in Women with Breast-Cancer–Related Lymphedema.pdf2021-01-25 19:29 220k
FileWeight lifting for women at risk for breast cancer-related lymphedema - a ran...2021-01-25 19:29 224k
FileWeight Lifted in Strength Training Predicts Bone Change in Postmenopausal Wom...2021-01-25 19:25 280k
FileWeight gain-induced blood pressure elevation.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 168k
FileWeight change, weight fluctuation, and mortality.pdf2021-01-25 17:22 96k
FileWeight change, body composition, and risk of mobility disability and mortalit...2021-01-25 17:22 88k
FileWeight training injuries in adolescents.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 1216k
FileWeekly Training Frequency Effects on Strength Gain - A Meta-Analysis.pdf2021-01-25 17:29 3000k
FileWe will be champions - Leaders' confidence in ‘us’ inspires team members'...2021-01-25 18:40 404k
FileWater-Induced Thermogenesis.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 168k
FileWater incorporated into a food but not served with a food decreases energy in...2021-01-25 20:27 204k
FileWater exchange induced by unilateral exercise in active and inactive skeletal...2021-01-25 17:29 184k
FileWater and CHO ingestion during prolonged exercise increase maximal neuromuscu...2021-01-25 20:27 112k
FileWarm-Up Strategies for Sport and Exercise - Mechanisms and Applications.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 624k
FileWarm up II Performance changes following active warm up and how to structure ...2021-01-25 20:38 256k
FileWaist circumference and obesity-associated risk factors among whites in the t...2021-01-25 19:25 104k
FileW9.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 100k
FileW8.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 72k
FileW7.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 372k
FileW6.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 68k
FileW5.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 264k
FileW4.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 776k
FileW3.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 792k
FileW22.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 200k
FileW21.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 1608k
FileW20.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 372k
FileW2.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 208k
FileW19.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 188k
FileW18.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 544k
FileW17.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 64k
FileW16.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 188k
FileW15.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 856k
FileW14.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 488k
FileW13.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 224k
FileW12.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 524k
FileW11.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 208k
FileW10.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 156k
FileW1.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 80k
FileV·O2peak, Myocardial Hypertrophy, and Myocardial Blood Flow in Endurance-Tra...2021-01-25 19:36 248k
FileVoluntary strength and muscle characteristics in untrained men and women and ...2021-01-25 17:38 1768k
FileVoluntary activation of human elbow flexor muscles during maximal concentric ...2021-01-25 17:29 348k
FileVoluntary activation level and muscle fiber recruitment of human quadriceps d...2021-01-25 17:32 292k
FileVoluntary activation and variability during maximal dynamic contractions with...2021-01-25 19:50 1064k
FileVolume vs. Intensity in the Training of Competitive Swimmers.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 112k
FileVolume of food consumed affects satiety in men.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 60k
FileVolume Load and Neuromuscular Fatigue During an Acute Bout of Agonist-antagon...2021-01-25 17:52 1080k relation to maximal activities of enzymes in the Krebs cycle.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 216k
FileVO2 responses to different intermittent runs at velocity associated with VO2m...2021-01-25 18:20 124k
FileVO2 max is associated with ACE genotype in postmenopausal women.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 76k
FileVO2 at Maximal and Supramaximal Intensities - Lessons to High-Intensity Inter...2021-01-25 18:20 756k
FileVO2 and fiber type influence on heavy exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 160k
FileVitamin E, vitamin C, and exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 48k
FileVitamin E deprivation and exercise training effect of on induction of HSP70.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 336k
FileVitamin D–Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Bone Density in Prepubertal Ameri...2021-01-25 20:15 88k
FileVitamin D-binding protein prevents vitamin D deficiency and presents vitamin ...2021-01-25 20:15 120k
FileVitamin D receptor gene start codon polymorphism (FokI) is associated with fo...2021-01-25 20:15 144k
FileVitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms are linked to and associated with adult...2021-01-25 20:11 116k
FileVitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms Are Associated with the Risk of Fractur...2021-01-25 20:15 156k
FileVitamin D receptor FokI genotype influences bone mineral density response to ...2021-01-25 20:15 136k
FileVitamin D Receptor (VDR) Knockout Mice Reveal VDR-Independent Regulation of I...2021-01-25 20:15 152k
FileVitamin D and fractures - quo vadis.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 64k
FileVitamin D and Estrogen Receptor Allelic Variants in Italian Postmenopausal Wo...2021-01-25 20:15 160k
FileVitamin C and E supplementation hampers cellular adaptation to endurance trai...2021-01-25 20:27 700k
FileVitamin C and E supplementation alters protein signalling after a strength tr...2021-01-25 20:27 1036k
FileVisual Biofeedback and Changes in Lower Extremity Kinematics in Individuals W...2021-01-25 19:55 1256k
FileVisual Analog Scale and Pressure Pain Threshold for Delayed Onset Muscle Sore...2021-01-25 18:26 368k
FileVisceral Adipose Tissue and Markers of the Insulin Resistance Syndrome in Obe...2021-01-25 19:46 48k
FileViral mediated expression of insulin-like growth factor I blocks the aging-re...2021-01-25 18:36 252k
FileViral expression of insulin-like growth factor-I isoforms promotes different ...2021-01-25 20:05 332k
FileViral expression of insulin-like growth factor-I enhances muscle hypertrophy ...2021-01-25 20:05 360k
FileVigorous Intensity Exercise for Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 1 Diab...2021-01-25 19:46 468k
FileVigitel-2014-.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 2108k
FileVibration training in elite sport - effective training solution or just anoth...2021-01-25 20:37 88k
FileVibration training - could it enhance the strength, power, or speed of athlet...2021-01-25 20:37 144k
FileVibration Training - An Overview of the Area, Training Consequences, and Futu...2021-01-25 20:37 164k
FileVibration Exercise - The Potential Benefits.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 548k
FileVibration as an exercise modality - how it may work, and what its potential m...2021-01-25 20:37 628k
FileVI Diretrizes de Hipertensão - SBH.ORG.BR.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 2380k
FileVI Diretrizes Brasileiras de Hipertensão.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 2380k
FileVery-low-energy diets and morbidity - a systematic review of longer-term evid...2021-01-25 20:27 224k
FileVery-low-carbohydrate diets and preservation of muscle mass.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 232k
FileVery intense exercise-training is extremely potent and time efficient - a rem...2021-01-25 20:37 124k
FileVertical jump coordination-fatigue effects.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 1376k
FileVena Cava Filters - Current Concepts and Controversies for the Surgeon.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 7656k
FileVelocity-based resistance training - impact of velocity loss in the set on ne...2021-01-25 17:52 952k
FileVelocity specificity of resistance training.pdf2021-01-25 17:54 964k
FileVelocity specificity in early training of the knee extensors after anterior c...2021-01-25 17:29 104k
FileVelocity Loss as a Variable for Monitoring Resistance Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 17:54 352k
FileVDR Polymorphisms Correlate to Parathyroid Cell Function in Primary Hyperpara...2021-01-25 20:15 280k
FileVDR polymorphisms as a determinant of bone mass and PTH secretion.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 212k
FileVDR polymorphisms - effect on bone mass, bone loss and parathyroid hormone re...2021-01-25 20:15 136k
FileVDR Knockout Mice Reveal VDR-Independent Regulation of Intestinal Calcium Abs...2021-01-25 20:15 152k
FileVDR genotype - its role in bone mass and turnover in non-renal and renal pati...2021-01-25 20:15 360k
FileVDR gene polymorphisms are associated with osteoporosis in Japanese women.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 164k
FileVDR gene polymorphisms and vertebral bone density in men with hypogonadism.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 84k
FileVDR gene polymorphism is associated with birth height.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 212k
FileVDR gene polymorphism BMD and bone turnover.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 148k
FileVDR gene polymorphism and bone metabolism during low-dose oral contraceptive ...2021-01-25 20:15 56k
FileVDR gene FokI polymorphism predicts calcium absorption and bone mineral densi...2021-01-25 20:15 120k
FileVDR and Parathyroid Hormone Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Levels Correspond to P...2021-01-25 20:15 204k
FileVDR alleles predict growth and bone density in girls.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 228k
FileVDR Alleles and Bone’s Response to Physical Activity.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 132k
FileVDR alleles and BMD in a normal premenopausal Brazilian.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 200k
FileVascular smooth muscle cell polyploidy and cardiomyocyte hypertrophy due to c...2021-01-25 19:36 388k
FileVascular Dysfunction and Physical Activity in Multiple Sclerosis.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 156k
FileVarying the Order of Combinations of Single- and Multi-Joint Exercises Differ...2021-01-25 17:52 620k
FileVarying Neural and Hypertrophic Influences in a Strength Program.pdf2021-01-25 17:52 84k
FileVariations in strength-related measures during the menstrual cycle in eumenor...2021-01-25 19:58 932k
FileVariations in Repetition Duration and Repetition Numbers Influence Muscular A...2021-01-25 17:52 324k
FileVariations in physical activity habits and body composition.pdf2021-01-25 17:22 444k
FileVariation of periodization of strength.pdf2021-01-25 17:52 412k
FileVariation in total energy expenditure in young healthy free-living men.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 1256k
FileVariation in the ciliary neurotrophic factor gene and muscle strength in olde...2021-01-25 20:13 88k
FileVariation in Responses to Sprint Training in Male Youth Athletes - A Meta-ana...2021-01-25 19:40 436k
FileVariable dose-response relationship between exercise training and performance...2021-01-25 20:37 260k
FileVariability of fiber type distributions within human muscles.pdf2021-01-25 18:41 1720k
FileVariability of competitive performance of distance runners.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 60k
FileVariability in training-induced skeletal muscle adaptation.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 96k
FileVariability in Muscle Size and Strength Gain after Unilateral Resistance Trai...2021-01-25 17:52 352k
FileVariability in fiber type distributions within human muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:41 1800k
FileVanadyl Sulfate Improves Hepatic and Muscle Insulin Sensitivity in Diabetes.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 196k
FileVanadyl sulfate does not enhance insulin action in patients with type 1 diabe...2021-01-25 20:27 328k
FileValidity and reliability of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for the assessme...2021-01-25 18:26 200k
FileValidação do IPAQ.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 56k
FileValidation of the NFL-225 test for predicting 1-RM bench press.pdf2021-01-25 17:33 676k
FileValidation of the Microlife BP 3BTO-A oscillometric blood pressure monitoring...2021-01-25 18:26 92k
FileValidation of the Adult OMNI Scale of Perceived Exertion for Cycle Ergometer ...2021-01-25 17:33 508k
FileValidation of the 6-min Walk Test for Predicting Peak V˙O2 in Cancer Survivo...2021-01-25 19:29 324k
FileValidation of teh NFL-225 test for predicting 1-RM bench press.pdf2021-01-25 17:29 676k
FileValidation of Submaximal Prediction Equations for the 1RM Bench Press Test.pdf2021-01-25 17:29 192k
FileValidation of Heart Rate Monitor Polar RS800 for Heart Rate Variability Analy...2021-01-25 18:26 584k
FileV8.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 112k
FileV7.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 104k
FileV6.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 448k
FileV5.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 160k
FileV4.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 280k
FileV3.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 88k
FileV2.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 184k
FileV1.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 320k
FileV Diretrizes de Hipertensão - SBH.ORG.BR.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 3096k
FileUtilizing exercise to affect the symptomology of fibromyalgia.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 76k
FileUtilization of skeletal muscle triacylglycerol during postexercise recovery i...2021-01-25 17:22 112k
FileUtilization of blood-borne and intramuscular substrates during continuous and...2021-01-25 18:24 1992k
FileUsing Physical Activity to Manage Pain in Older Adults.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 1684k
FileUsing Molecular Biology to Maximize Concurrent Training.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 952k
FileUsing Effect Size - or Why the P Value Is Not Enough.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 80k
FileUse of personal trainers and financial incentives to increase exercise in a b...2021-01-25 17:29 572k
FileUse of intramuscular triacylglycerol as a substrate source during exercise in...2021-01-25 17:22 264k
FileUse of Diagnostic Ultrasound for Assessing Muscle Size.pdf2021-01-25 17:33 604k
FileUse of Alternative Medicine for Cancer and Its Impact on Survival.pdf2021-01-25 19:29 680k
FileUse and Abuse of HOMA Modeling.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 180k
FileUrsolic acid and mechanisms of actions on adipose and muscle tissue - a syste...2021-01-25 20:27 280k
FileUpper limb muscle volumes in adult subjects.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 1472k
FileUpdate on the effects of physical activity on insulin sensitivity in humans.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 580k
FileUnited Kingdom back pain exercise and manipulation (UK BEAM) randomised trial...2021-01-25 19:55 132k
FileUnique muscularity in cyclists' thigh and trunk - A cross-sectional and longi...2021-01-25 20:37 2792k
FileUnilateral vs. Bilateral Squat Training for Strength, Sprints, and Agility in...2021-01-25 17:54 136k
FileUnilateral bicep curl hemodynamics - Low-pressure continuous vs high-pressure...2021-01-25 19:36 616k
FileUnfavorable Effects of Resistance Training on Central Arterial Compliance.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 244k
FileUnderstanding the Science of Resistance Training - An Evolutionary Perspectiv...2021-01-25 17:29 4936k
FileUnderstanding adipocyte differentiation.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 400k
FileUncoupling protein-3 is a mediator of thermogenesis regulated by thyroid horm...2021-01-25 17:22 292k
FileUncoupling protein 3 gene is associated with body composition changes with tr...2021-01-25 17:22 100k
FileUncoupling protein 3 and physical activity the role of uncoupling protein 3 i...2021-01-25 17:22 176k
FileUncoupling protein 3 and physical activity - the role of uncoupling protein ...2021-01-25 17:22 176k
FileUnbalanced repeated-measures models with structured covariance matrices.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 584k
FileUnaltered insulin sensitivity after resistance exercise bout by postmenopausa...2021-01-25 19:46 640k
FileUma abordagem epidemiológica da obesidade.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 840k
FileUltraviolet exposure in the Ironman triathlon.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 28k
FileUltrastructural muscle damage in young vs. older men...pdf2021-01-25 17:28 640k
FileUltrasound evaluation in combination with finger extension force measurements...2021-01-25 17:33 1068k
FileUltrasound Assessment of Abdominal Muscle Thickness in Postpartum vs Nullipar...2021-02-17 20:34 332k
FileUltrasonic Videodensitometric Analysis of Two Different Models of Left Ventri...2021-01-25 19:36 712k
FileUltra-endurance exercise and hyponatremia.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 148k
FileUK Back pain Exercise And Manipulation (UK BEAM) trial.pdf2021-01-25 19:55 368k
FileUghini.pdf2021-01-25 17:52 1004k
FileUCP3 protein regulation in human skeletal muscle fibre types I, IIa and IIx i...2021-01-25 17:21 156k
FileUCP3 protein expression is lower in type I, IIa and IIx muscle fiber types of...2021-01-25 17:21 292k
FileUCP2 muscle gene transfer modifies mitochondrial membrane potential.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 120k
FileUCP2 and UCP3 in muscle controlling body metabolism.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 156k
FileUCP-Do They Have a Role in Body Weight Regulation.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 188k
FileUCP-3 expression in skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 352k
FileUCP-3 expression in skeletal muscle - effects of exercise, hypoxia, and AMP-a...2021-01-25 17:21 112k
FileUCP-3 - Regulação da expressão gênica no músculo esquelético e po...2021-01-25 17:21 120k
FileUbiquitin–protein ligases in muscle wasting.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 280k
FileU1.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 260k
FileType 2X-myosin heavy chain is coded by a muscle fiber type-specific and devel...2021-01-25 18:41 5620k
FileType 2 diabetes in the young - the evolving epidemic - the international diab...2021-01-25 19:46 172k
FileType 2 diabetes impairs tendon repair after injury in a rat model.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 3092k
FileTwo-Year Agility Maintenance Training Slows the Progression of Parkinsonian S...2021-01-25 20:00 360k
FileTwo-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 528k
FileTwo-Way Independent ANOVA-lecture.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 204k
FileTwo-Way Independent ANOVA-lecture notes.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 156k
FileTwo-Way ANOVA.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 840k
FileTwo-way ANOVA (between subjects).pdf2021-01-25 20:09 136k
FileTwo-dimensional knee valgus displacement as a predictor of patellofemoral pai...2021-01-25 19:54 260k
FileTwo Years of Growth Hormone (GH) Treatment Increase Isometric and Isokinetic ...2021-01-25 20:05 324k
FileTwo weeks of lower body resistance training enhances cycling tolerability to ...2021-01-25 20:37 280k
FileTwo Promoter Polymorphisms Regulating Interleukin-6 Gene Expression Are Assoc...2021-01-25 20:11 112k
FileTwo Bouts of Exercise before Meals, but Not after Meals, Lower Fasting Blood ...2021-01-25 19:46 388k
FileTwitch potentiation is greater after a fatiguing submaximal isometric contrac...2021-01-25 17:21 676k
FileTwice-Weekly Progressive Resistance Training Decreases Abdominal Fat and Impr...2021-01-25 17:26 112k
FileTwenty-four-hour energy expenditure and substrate utilization in body builder...2021-01-25 17:21 516k
FileTwelve weeks of treadmill exercise does not alter age-dependent chronic kidne...2021-01-25 19:25 1020k
FileTwelve Weeks of Sprint Interval Training Improves Indices of Cardiometabolic ...2021-01-25 18:20 776k
FileTV viewing time is associated with increased all-cause mortality in Brazilian...2021-01-25 19:25 536k
FileTUT and Blood Lactate Response.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 124k
FileTumor Necrosis Factor- in Sera of Obese Patients - Fall with Weight Loss.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 152k
FileTumor necrosis factor signaling.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 260k
FileTrunk muscle activity during stability ball and free weight exercises.pdf2021-02-17 20:34 100k
FileTriglyceride and LPL response to training.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 84k
FileTrends in Soviet Strength and Conditioning - The Role of Specialized Training...2021-01-25 20:37 272k
FileTrends in Soviet Strength and Conditioning - The Role of All-Round, General P...2021-01-25 20:37 428k
FileTrends in Soviet Strength and Conditioning - Restoration - Or Increasing the ...2021-01-25 20:37 560k
FileTrends in Soviet Strength and Conditioning - From Macro- to Meso- to Micro-Cy...2021-01-25 20:37 368k
FileTrends in Prevalence of Hypertension in Brazil - A Systematic Review with Met...2021-01-25 19:36 724k
FileTrends in adult body-mass index in 200 countries from 1975 to 2014 - a pooled...2021-01-25 17:22 19436k
FileTrends and Correlates of Class 3 Obesity in the United States From 1990 Throu...2021-01-25 19:25 96k
FileTrends and correlates of class 3 obesity in the United States from 1990 throu...2021-01-25 17:21 96k
FileTreatments for Wasting in Patients with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrom...2021-01-25 20:01 204k
FileTreatment with oxandrolone and the durability of effects in older men.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 116k
FileTreatment With Dietary trans10cis12 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Causes Isomer-Sp...2021-01-25 20:27 96k
FileTreatment Options for Abdominal Rectus Diastasis.pdf2021-02-17 20:34 504k
FileTreatment of Lower Eyelid Fat Pads Using Phosphatidylcholine - Clinical Trial...2021-01-25 20:27 1136k
FileTreatment of anabolic-androgenic steroid dependence - Emerging evidence and i...2021-01-25 20:05 328k
FileTreatment of adults with growth hormone (GH) deficiency with recombinant huma...2021-01-25 20:05 1424k
FileTreatment for morbid obesity.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 180k
FileTreating fructose-induced metabolic changes in mice with high-intensity inter...2021-01-25 18:20 9308k
FileTreating fibromyalgia.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 72k
FileTreadmill Running Reverses Cognitive Declines due to Alzheimer Disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 2360k
FileTreadmill running produces both positive and negative physiological adaptatio...2021-01-25 20:37 184k
FileTreadmill exercise increases cell proliferation in hippocampal (neurogenesis)...2021-01-25 18:25 2796k
FileTratamiento quirúrgico de la hernia discal cervical por vía anterior.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 140k
FileTratamento do diabetes melito gestacional.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 268k
FileTransmission of forces within mammalian skeletal muscles.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 284k
FileTranslational signaling responses preceding resistance training-mediated myof...2021-01-25 17:37 532k
FileTransient energy deficit induced by exercise increases 24-h fat oxidation in ...2021-01-25 19:16 388k
FileTransforming the nature of fatigue through exercise - qualitative findings fr...2021-01-25 19:29 88k
FileTransferability of strength gains from limited to full range of motion.pdf2021-01-25 17:52 848k
FileTransdermal delivery of testosterone.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 576k
FileTranscriptome-wide RNA sequencing analysis of rat skeletal muscle feed arteri...2021-01-25 20:37 1392k
FileTranscriptome signature of resistance exercise adaptations - mixed muscle and...2021-01-25 17:37 872k
FileTranscriptional repression of the interleukin-2 gene by vitamin D3.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 492k
FileTranscriptional regulation of IGF-I expression in skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 244k
FileTranscriptional regulation of gene expression in muscle during recovery (UCP,...2021-01-25 17:21 416k
FileTranscriptional regulation of gene expression in human skeletal muscle during...2021-01-25 17:21 416k
FileTranscriptional regulation of connective tissue growth factor by cortisol in ...2021-01-25 18:24 244k
FileTranscriptional activation of the IL-6 gene in human contracting skeletal mus...2021-01-25 20:12 460k
FileTraining-Specific Muscle Architecture Adaptation after 5-wk Training in Athle...2021-01-25 17:37 328k
FileTraining-specific adaptations of H- and stretch reflexes in human soleus musc...2021-01-25 17:54 4784k
FileTraining-related enhancement in the control of motor output in elderly humans...2021-01-25 19:50 3220k
FileTraining-overtraining - volume versus intensity.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 716k
FileTraining-overtraining - performance, and hormone levels, after a defined incr...2021-01-25 17:52 1460k
FileTraining-induced changes in structural and mechanical properties of the patel...2021-01-25 19:54 380k
FileTraining-induced changes in muscle architecture and specific tension.pdf2021-01-25 17:54 744k
FileTraining-induced alterations of glucose flux in men.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 232k
FileTraining-induced alterations of carbohydrate metabolism in women.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 420k
FileTraining-induced alterations in fat and CHO metabolism during exercise in eld...2021-01-25 19:16 100k
FileTraining, muscle volume, and energy expenditure in nonobese American girls.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 212k
FileTraining with unilateral resistance exercise increases contralateral strength...2021-01-25 17:54 172k
FileTraining Volume, Not Frequency, Indicative of Maximal Strength Adaptations to...2021-01-25 17:51 236k
FileTraining to Fatigue - The Answer for Standardization When Assessing Muscle Hy...2021-01-25 17:51 384k
FileTraining theory and taper - validation in triatlon athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 264k
FileTraining theory and taper - validation in triathlon athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 264k
FileTraining Strategies to Improve Muscle Power - Is Olympic-style Weightlifting ...2021-01-25 20:37 176k
FileTraining Status Influences T-Cell Responses in Women Following Acute Resistan...2021-01-25 20:01 244k
FileTraining specific functional, neural and hypertrophic adaptations to explosiv...2021-01-25 17:51 832k
FileTraining practices and ergogenic aids used by male bodybuilders.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 340k
FileTraining Periodisation - An Obsolete Methodology.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 2808k
FileTraining Periodisation - an Obsolete Methodology.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 2864k
FileTraining patterns of athletes during pregnancy and postpartum.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 1372k
FileTraining methods to improve vertical jump performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 332k
FileTraining Leading to Repetition Failure Enhances Bench Press Strength Gains in...2021-01-25 17:51 124k
FileTraining in the fasted state improves glucose tolerance during fat-rich diet.pdf2021-01-25 19:46 576k
FileTraining history, deliberate practice and elite sports performance - an analy...2021-01-25 20:39 84k
FileTraining for hypertrophy.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 1040k
FileTraining for Endurance and Strength - Lessons from Cell Signaling.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 228k
FileTraining effects on the contractile apparatus.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 236k
FileTraining effects of short and long bouts of brisk walking in sedentary women.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 252k
FileTraining college-age women to perform the pull-up exercise..pdf2021-01-25 18:26 1396k
FileTraining at the optimum power zone produces similar performance improvements ...2021-01-25 17:51 364k
FileTraining and overtraining markers in selected sport events.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 168k
FileTraining and Bioenergetic Characteristics in Elite Male and Female Kenyan Run...2021-01-25 20:37 204k
FileTraining and Bioenergetic Characteristics in Elite Male and Female Kenyan Run...2021-01-25 20:38 44k
FileTraining adaptations in the behavior of human motor units.pdf2021-01-25 17:54 284k
FileTraining - overtraining - performance, and hormone levels, after a defined in...2021-01-25 20:37 1484k
FileTraditional Periodization versus Optimum Training Load Applied to Soccer Play...2021-01-25 17:51 708k
FileTracking 10-year competitive winning performance of judo athletes across age ...2021-01-25 19:15 368k
FileTowards the minimal amount of exercise for improving metabolic health - benef...2021-01-25 18:20 632k
FileTotal body skeletal muscle and adipose tissue volumes - estimation from a sin...2021-01-25 18:26 140k
FileTopical fat reduction.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 596k
FileTopical Cooling (Icing) Delays Recovery From Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscl...2021-01-25 19:54 504k
FileTop-ranking drugs out of 3312 drug-induced liver injury cases evaluated by th...2021-01-25 20:05 2576k
FileTo stretch or not to stretch - the role of stretching in injury prevention an...2021-01-25 20:37 180k
FileTissue memory in healing tendons - short loading episodes stimulate healing.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 232k
FileTissue adaptation to mechanical forces in healthy, injured and aging tissues.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 72k
FileTiming Protein Intake Increases Energy Expenditure 24 h after Resistance Trai...2021-01-25 17:21 204k
FileTiming of postexercise protein intake is important for muscle hypertrophy.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 176k
FileTiming of postexercise protein intake is important for muscle hypertrophy wit...2021-01-25 20:27 648k
FileTiming of creatine or protein supplementation and resistance training in the ...2021-01-25 20:27 88k
FileTiming of AA-CHO ingestion alters anabolic response of muscle to RT.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 184k
FileTiming and distribution of protein ingestion during prolonged recovery from r...2021-01-25 20:27 1156k
FileTime-restricted feeding and risk of metabolic disease- a review of human and ...2021-01-25 20:27 132k
FileTime-motion analysis, physiological and rate of perceived exertion responses ...2021-01-25 19:15 96k
FileTime-Motion Analysis of Elite Male Kickboxing Competition.pdf2021-01-25 19:14 108k
FileTime-Motion analysis in Muay-Thai and Kick-Boxing amateur matches.pdf2021-01-25 19:14 244k
FileTime-dependent regulation of postprandial muscle protein synthesis rates afte...2021-01-25 20:27 856k
FileTime-course changes in macronutrient metabolism induced by a nutritionally ba...2021-01-25 20:27 144k
FileTime- and exercise-dependent gene regulation in human skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:36 352k
FileTime- and exercise-dependent gene regulation in human skeletal muscle (hyperp...2021-01-25 18:36 352k
FileTime under Tension and Blood Lactate Response during Four Different Resistanc...2021-01-25 17:51 124k
FileTime kinetics of acute changes in muscle architecture in response to resistan...2021-01-25 17:54 120k
FileTime course of strength adaptations following high-intensity resistance tra...2021-01-25 20:00 1228k
FileTime course of stretch-induced isometric strength deficits.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 192k
FileTime course of recovery is similar for the back squat, bench press, and deadl...2021-01-25 17:51 984k
FileTime Course of Recovery From Resistance Exercise With Different Set Configura...2021-01-25 17:51 472k
FileTime course of recovery following resistance training leading or not to failu...2021-01-25 17:51 1188k
FileTime Course of Recovery Following Resistance Exercise with Different Loading ...2021-01-25 17:51 480k
FileTime course of proteolytic, cytokine, and myostatin gene expression after acu...2021-01-25 20:37 312k
FileTime Course of Neuromuscular Adaptations to Knee Extensor Eccentric Training.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 664k
FileTime course of myogenic and metabolic gene expression in response to acute ex...2021-01-25 18:36 488k
FileTime course of molecular responses of human skeletal muscle to acute bouts of...2021-01-25 17:37 168k
FileTime course of low- and high-volume strength training on neuromuscular adapta...2021-01-25 19:50 340k
FileTime course of exercise-induced decline in malonyl-CoA in different muscle ty...2021-01-25 17:21 1368k
FileTime course of changes in the human Achilles tendon properties and metabolism...2021-01-25 17:54 580k
FileTime Course of Changes in Muscle and Tendon Properties During Strength Traini...2021-01-25 17:54 312k
FileTime course of changes in markers of myogenesis in overloaded..(Hypertrophy).pdf2021-01-25 18:36 176k
FileTime course of changes in markers of myogenesis (hypertrophy).pdf2021-01-25 18:35 176k
FileTime course of changes in capillarization in hypertrophied rat plantaris musc...2021-01-25 18:35 84k
FileTime course for strength and muscle thickness changes following upper and low...2021-01-25 17:37 112k
FileTime course for strength and muscle thickness changes following upper and low...2021-01-25 19:58 104k
FileTime course for arm and chest muscle thickness changes following bench press ...2021-01-25 17:37 108k
FileTime course evaluation of protein synthesis and glu uptake after acute RT.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 232k
FileTime course evaluation of protein synthesis and glu uptake after acute RT .pdf2021-01-25 20:27 232k
FileTime course and magnitude of blood flow changes in the human quadriceps muscl...2021-01-25 17:32 2236k
FileTime course adaptations in rat skeletal muscle isomyosins during compensatory...2021-01-25 18:36 3304k
FileThrombosis, physical activity, and acute coronary syndromes.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 1672k
FileThree versus six months of exercise training in breast cancer survivors.pdf2021-01-25 19:29 228k
FileThree Sets of Weight Training Superior to 1 Set With Equal Intensity for Elic...2021-01-25 17:51 804k
FileThree Minutes of All-Out Intermittent Exercise per Week Increases Skeletal Mu...2021-01-25 18:20 880k
FileThirteen-year trends in child and adolescent fundamental movement skills - 19...2021-01-25 19:40 300k
FileThird report on nutrition monitoring in the United States.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 408k
FileThings I have learned (so far).pdf2021-01-25 20:09 72k
FileThermoregulation in multiple sclerosis.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 320k
FileThere Are No Nonresponders to Resistance-Type Exercise Training in Older Men ...2021-01-25 19:50 2188k
FileTheories of aging.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 108k
FileTheoretical studies on the control of oxidative phosphorylation in muscle mit...2021-01-25 17:21 424k
FileThe −174 G-C polymorphism of the IL6 gene is associated with elite power pe...2021-01-25 20:12 120k
FileThe ‘Best Practice Guide to Conservative Management of Patellofemoral Pain�...2021-01-25 19:54 720k
FileThe young athlete - some physiological considerations.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 324k
FileThe wrong prescription for aging - cooment on Williams and Pate.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 184k
FileThe World Health Report 2002 Reducing Risks, Promoting Healthy Life - Selecte...2021-01-25 19:25 120k
FileThe world health report 2002 - Reducing Risks, Promoting Healthy Life.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 2096k
FileThe widespread misuse of effect sizes.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 396k
FileThe vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism and parathyroid function.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 272k
FileThe vitamin D receptor fokI start codon polymorphism and bone mineral density...2021-01-25 20:15 160k
FileThe vitamin D receptor and the syndrome of hereditary 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D...2021-01-25 20:15 2280k
FileThe Valsalva manoeuvre - physiology and clinical examples.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 552k
FileThe Valsalva Maneuver Revisited The Influence of Voluntary Breathing on Isome...2021-01-25 20:37 200k
FileThe validity of regulating blood lactate concentration during running by rati...2021-01-25 18:26 248k
FileThe utility of RT and AA for reversing age-associated decrements in muscle pr...2021-01-25 19:50 156k
FileThe use of vibration training to enhance muscle strength and power.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 272k
FileThe Use of Ratios and Percentage Changes in Sports Medicine - Time for a Reth...2021-01-25 20:09 204k
FileThe Use of Phosphatidylcholine for Correction of Lower Lid Bulging Due to Pro...2021-01-25 20:27 1696k
FileThe Use of Phosphatidylcholine for Correction of Localized Fat Deposits.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 152k
FileThe use of percentage change from baseline as an outcome in a controlled tria...2021-01-25 20:09 156k
FileThe use of percentage change from baseline as an outcome in a controlled tria...2021-01-25 20:09 156k
FileThe use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for exercise-induced muscle d...2021-01-25 18:35 924k
FileThe use of instability to train the core musculature.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 168k
FileThe use of instability to train the core in athletic and nonathletic conditio...2021-01-25 20:37 60k
FileThe Use of Anabolic-Andrognic Steroids in Sports.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 324k
FileThe ups and downs of exercise and insulin sensitivity - a role for the myokin...2021-01-25 19:46 100k
FileThe Unknown Mechanism of the Overtraining Syndrome.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 420k
FileThe uncoupling proteins, a review.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 320k
FileThe uncoupling protein homologues UCP1, UCP2, UCP3, StUCP and AtUCP.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 272k
FileThe U-shaped relationship between exercise and cardiac morbidity.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 1148k
FileThe type of training program affects appetite-regulating hormones and body we...2021-01-25 17:21 320k
FileThe Type 2 Diabetic Heart - Its Role in Exercise Intolerance and the Challeng...2021-01-25 19:46 764k
FileThe transitional period-soviet.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 240k
FileThe training—injury prevention paradox - should athletes be training smarte...2021-01-25 19:54 684k
FileThe Tour de France - a physiological review.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 396k
FileThe time course of short-term hypertrophy in the absence of eccentric muscle ...2021-01-25 17:37 3040k
FileThe thermogenic properties of ephedrine-methylxanthine mixtures - animal stud...2021-01-25 20:27 1360k
FileThe Therapeutic Potential of Exercise to Improve Mood, Cognition, and Sleep i...2021-01-25 20:00 316k
FileThe Theoretical Basis of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 176k
FileThe Temporal Profile of Postactivation Potentiation Is Related to Strength Le...2021-01-25 17:50 240k
FileThe Team Physician and Conditioning of Athletes for Sports.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 128k
FileThe surprising history of the 'HRmax=220-age' equation.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 72k
FileThe Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and O...2021-01-25 17:20 600k
FileThe Stanford Hall consensus statement for post-COVID-19 rehabilitation.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 468k
FileThe spread of obesity in a large social network over 32 years.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 1132k
FileThe specific nature of training on muscle - A review.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 1264k
FileThe soviet sports training system.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 336k
FileThe Skeletal Muscle Anabolic Response to Plant- versus Animal-Based Protein C...2021-01-25 20:27 808k
FileThe size principle and a critical analysis of the unsubstantiated heavier-is-...2021-01-25 17:51 292k
FileThe sites of neural adaptation induced by resistance training in humans.pdf2021-01-25 17:54 276k
FileThe short-term effects of periodized and constant-intensity training....pdf2021-01-25 17:51 644k
FileThe sexual dimorphism of obesity.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 744k
FileThe Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, ...2021-01-25 19:36 168k
FileThe Search for the Osteoporosis Gene.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 288k
FileThe scientific basis for high-intensity interval training - optimising....pdf2021-01-25 18:20 412k
FileThe scientific basis for high-intensity interval training - optimising traini...2021-01-25 18:20 412k
FileThe science of cycling - physiology and training - part 1.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 312k
FileThe science of cycling - factors affecting performance - part 2.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 240k
FileThe safety and feasibility of high-force eccentric resistance exercise in per...2021-01-25 20:00 108k
FileThe safety and efficacy of high-dose chromium.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 128k
FileThe russian approach to planning a weightlifting program.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 816k
FileThe role of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in bone biology.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 244k
FileThe role of uncoupling proteins in the regulation of metabolism.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 100k
FileThe role of uncoupling proteins in the regulation of metabolism-1.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 416k
FileThe role of stretching in tendon injuries.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 104k
FileThe role of stretching in rehabilitation of hamstring injuries 80 athletes fo...2021-01-25 20:37 244k
FileThe role of skeletal muscle mTOR in the regulation of mechanical load-induced...2021-01-25 18:35 844k
FileThe role of satellite cells in muscle hypertrophy.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 272k
FileThe role of resistance exercise intensity on muscle fibre adaptations.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 320k
FileThe Role of Resistance Exercise in Weight Loss.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 296k
FileThe role of protein in weight loss and maintenance.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 124k
FileThe role of pro-inflammatory and immunoregulatory cytokines in tendon healing...2021-01-25 19:54 424k
FileThe role of post-exercise nutrient administration on muscle protein synthesis...2021-01-25 20:27 296k
FileThe role of physical activity in the prevention and management of obesity.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 1092k
FileThe role of phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid in the mechanical activatio...2021-01-25 18:35 1632k
FileThe Role of Passive Muscle Stiffness in Symptoms of Exercise-Induced Muscle D...2021-01-25 18:24 136k
FileThe role of oxidative, inflammatory and neuroendocrinological systems during ...2021-01-25 20:27 528k
FileThe role of O2 supply in muscle fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 1668k
FileThe role of milk- and soy-based protein in support of muscle protein synthesi...2021-01-25 20:27 440k
FileThe role of metabolites in strength training II - short versus long isometric...2021-01-25 17:28 364k
FileThe role of metabolites in strength training I - a comparison of eccentric an...2021-01-25 17:51 476k
FileThe role of maximal strength and load on initial power production.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 92k
FileThe Role of Instability With Resistance Training.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 88k
FileThe Role of Fiber Types in Muscle Hypertrophy - Implications for Loading Stra...2021-01-25 17:50 228k
FileThe role of FFM accumulation and skeletal muscle architecture in powerlifting...2021-01-25 18:40 216k
FileThe role of exercise for weight loss and maintenance.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 184k
FileThe Role of Exercise and Physical Activity in Weight Loss and Maintenance.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 352k
FileThe role of cellular hydration in the regulation of cell function.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 372k
FileThe role of carnitine and carnitine supplementation during exercise in man an...2021-01-25 20:27 60k
FileThe role of axial torque in disc herniation.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 292k
FileThe role of alterations in mitochondrial dynamics and PGC-1α over-expression...2021-01-25 18:35 1088k
FileThe risks of self-made diets - the case of an amateur bodybuilder.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 424k
FileThe repeated bout effect (eccentric).pdf2021-01-25 17:32 196k
FileThe reliability of the 1RM strength test for untrained middle-aged individual...2021-01-25 17:33 196k
FileThe Reliability of Fatmax.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 244k
FileThe Reliability and Validity of the 20-Meter Shuttle Test in American Student...2021-01-25 18:26 920k
FileThe Relative Safety of Ephedra Compared with Other Herbal Products.pdf2021-01-25 20:27 116k
FileThe relative power output and relative lean body mass of World and Olympic ma...2021-01-25 20:37 4144k
FileThe Relative Caloric Prices of Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Differ Systematica...2021-01-25 20:27 3176k
FileThe Relative Benefits of Endurance and Strength Training on the Metabolic Fac...2021-01-25 19:46 136k
FileThe Relative Benefits of Endurance and Strength Training on the Metabolic Fac...2021-01-25 19:45 40k
FileThe relationships among IGF-1, DNA content, and protein accumulation..(Hypert...2021-01-25 18:35 168k
FileThe relationships among IGF-1, DNA content, and protein accumulation during s...2021-01-25 18:35 168k
FileThe relationships among IGF-1, DNA content, and protein accumulation during h...2021-01-25 18:35 168k
FileThe Relationship Between Muscle Action and Repetition Maximum on the Squat an...2021-01-25 17:50 188k
FileThe Relationship Between Maximal Repetition Performance and Muscle Fiber Type...2021-01-25 18:41 100k
FileThe relationship between maximal repetition performance and muscle fiber type...2021-01-25 17:54 100k
FileThe Relationship Between Field Tests of Anaerobic Power and 10-km Run Perform...2021-01-25 20:37 208k
FileThe relationship between ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) genotype and moto...2021-01-25 20:13 1364k
FileThe Relation Between Stretching Typology and Stretching Duration - The Effect...2021-01-25 20:37 648k
FileThe Relation between Bone Mineral Density, Insulin-Like Growth Factor I, Lipo...2021-01-25 20:12 152k
FileThe regulation and expression of the creatine transporter - a brief review of...2021-01-25 20:26 104k
FileThe rate-pressure product as an index of myocardial oxygen consumption during...2021-01-25 19:36 1412k
FileThe quantitatively minor role of carbohydrate in oxidative metabolism by skel...2021-01-25 19:16 2020k
FileThe Prospective Association between Different Types of Exercise and Body Comp...2021-01-25 17:26 124k
FileThe promisse and problems of meta-analysis.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 264k
FileThe progression of paraspinal muscle recruitment intensity in localized and g...2021-01-25 20:37 1648k
FileThe problem Of muscle hypertrophy - Revisited.pdf2021-01-25 17:54 60k
FileThe Prevention of Sports Injuries in High School Students Through Strength Tr...2021-01-25 19:40 464k
FileThe Precision Of Estimating The Total Energy Demand.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 144k
FileThe Practical Guide - Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight...2021-01-25 17:20 1544k
FileThe powerful placebo.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 792k
FileThe power shrug.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 236k
FileThe potential role of physical exercise in the treatment of epilepsy.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 180k
FileThe Polymorphism in the Caudal-Related Homeodomain Protein Cdx-2 Binding Elem...2021-01-25 20:15 1724k
FileThe Polymorphic N Terminus in Human Vitamin D Receptor Isoforms Influences Tr...2021-01-25 20:15 3268k
FileThe Physiology of the World Record Holder for the Women's Marathon.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 940k
FileThe physiology of stem cells - Potential for the elderly patient.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 68k
FileThe physiological responses of chronic heart failure patients to maximal stre...2021-01-25 19:36 184k
FileThe physiological meaning of the maximal oxygen intake test.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 1396k
FileThe physiological and health effects of oral creatine supplementation.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 104k
FileThe origin of type 1 diabetes - an autoimmune disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:45 36k
FileThe organization of the bulgarian national weightlifting.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 188k
FileThe order effect of combined endurance and strength loadings on force and hor...2021-01-25 20:37 376k
FileThe Optimal Training Load for the Development of Muscular Power.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 76k
FileThe Optimal Load for Maximal Power Production During Upper-Body Resistance Ex...2021-01-25 17:54 2800k
FileThe Optimal Complex Training Rest Interval for Athletes from Anaerobic Sports...2021-01-25 17:50 156k
FileThe obtuse nature of muscular strength - the contribution of rest to its deve...2021-01-25 17:51 832k
FileThe neuromuscular qualities of higher and lower-level mixed martial arts comp...2021-01-25 20:37 540k
FileThe neuromuscular junction.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 688k
FileThe Nature of Force Depression and Force Enhancement in Skeletal Muscle Contr...2021-01-25 18:40 296k
FileThe nature and prevalence of injury during CrossFit training.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 1620k
FileThe Nature and Nurture of Human Performance.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 196k
FileThe Myth, Mystic, and frustration of Anterior Knee Pain.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 420k
FileThe mystery of female connective tissue.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 52k
FileThe MyomiR network in skeletal muscle plasticity.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 140k
FileThe muscle strength and bone density relationship in young women.pdf2021-01-25 20:15 1344k
FileThe muscle fiber type–fiber size paradox - hypertrophy or oxidative metabol...2021-01-25 18:35 684k
FileThe Molecular Bases of Training Adaptation.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 404k
FileThe mitotic clock in skeletal muscle regeneration, disease and cell mediated ...2021-01-25 18:35 428k
FileThe Microbiota - an Exercise Immunology Perspective.pdf2021-01-25 20:01 436k
FileThe Metabolic Costs of Reciprocal Supersets vs. Traditional Resistance Exerci...2021-01-25 17:20 408k
FileThe mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance trai...2021-01-25 17:37 172k
FileThe Mechanism of Muscular Contraction.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 644k
FileThe maximally accumulated oxygen deficit as an indicator of anaerobic capacit...2021-01-25 18:26 5076k
FileThe Maximal and Submaximal Vertical Jump - Implications for Strength and Cond...2021-01-25 20:37 128k
FileThe manipulation of vision during powerlifting squat.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 784k
FileThe malonyl-CoA–long-chain acyl-CoA axis in the maintenance of mammalian ce...2021-01-25 17:21 164k
FileThe magnitude of muscle strain does not influence serial sarcomere number ada...2021-01-25 18:35 520k
FileThe Madness of Adam and Eve-How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 96k
FileThe Load That Maximizes the Average Mechanical Power Output During Jump Squat...2021-01-25 18:26 196k
FileThe Load That Maximizes the Average Mechanical Power Output During Jump Squat...2021-01-25 17:53 196k
FileThe Load That Maximizes the Average Mechanical Power Output During Explosive ...2021-01-25 18:26 168k
FileThe lingering effects of testosterone abuse – it seems muscles have long me...2021-01-25 20:05 56k
FileThe limit to exercise tolerance in humans - mind over muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 280k
FileThe level of effort, rather than muscle exercise intensity determines strengt...2021-01-25 17:51 216k
FileThe level and tempo of children’s physical activities - an observational st...2021-01-25 19:40 836k
FileThe legacy of Richard A. Berger.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 172k
FileThe language of plyometrics.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 144k
FileThe knee meniscus Structureefunction, pathophysiology, current repair techniq...2021-01-25 19:54 1204k
FileThe kidney, hypertension, and obesity.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 156k
FileThe key to strength development-soviet.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 376k
FileThe JNK signal transduction pathway.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 296k
FileThe isometric torque at which knee-extensor muscle reoxygenation stops.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 496k
FileThe International HapMap Project.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 432k
FileThe interference effects of training for strength and endurance simultaneousl...2021-01-25 20:37 700k
FileThe Interactive Effects of Recovery Mode and Duration on Subsequent Repeated ...2021-01-25 20:37 516k
FileThe insulin action-fiber type relationship in humans is muscle group specific...2021-01-25 17:21 1300k
FileThe Initial Effects of Low-Volume Strength Training on Balance in Untrained O...2021-01-25 19:25 376k
FileThe Influence of Volume of Exercise on Early Adaptations to ST.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 196k
FileThe Influence of VDR Genotype and Exercise on Ultrasound Parameters in Young ...2021-01-25 20:14 88k
FileThe influence of varied resistance and speed of concentric... (super-set).pdf2021-01-25 17:51 220k
FileThe Influence of Varied Resistance and Speed of Concentric Antagonistic Contr...2021-01-25 17:50 220k
FileThe Influence of Variable Range of Motion Training on Neuromuscular Performan...2021-01-25 17:50 268k
FileThe influence of upper-body pre-cooling on repeated sprint performance in mod...2021-01-25 20:37 120k
FileThe Influence of Strength, Flexibility, and Simultaneous Training on Flexibil...2021-01-25 20:37 92k
FileThe influence of static axial torque in combined loading on intervertebral jo...2021-01-25 19:54 192k
FileThe influence of Sprint interval training on body composition, physical and m...2021-01-25 18:20 772k
FileThe influence of repetition maximum on GH following the back squat and leg pr...2021-01-25 17:39 512k
FileThe influence of recovery posture on post-exercise hypotension in normotensiv...2021-01-25 19:36 112k
FileThe influence of prior cycling on biomechanical and cardiorespiratory respons...2021-01-25 20:37 232k
FileThe influence of physical activity on BMR.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 292k
FileThe Influence of Oral L-Glutamine Supplementation on Muscle Strength Recovery...2021-01-25 20:26 2608k
FileThe influence of nitric oxide on in vivo human skeletal muscle propoerties.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 224k
FileThe influence of muscle action on the acute growth hormone response to resist...2021-01-25 17:32 236k
FileThe Influence of Muscle Action on Heart Rate, RPE, and Affective Responses Af...2021-01-25 17:32 420k
FileThe influence of high-intensity interval training on anthropometric variables...2021-01-25 17:21 1292k
FileThe influence of high-intensity compared with moderate-intensity exercise tra...2021-01-25 19:29 460k
FileThe influence of heel height on patellofemoral joint kinetics during walking.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 356k
FileThe Influence of Frequency, Intensity, Volume and Mode of Strength Training o...2021-01-25 17:50 416k
FileThe Influence of Fitness and Body Weight on Preferred Exercise Intensity.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 956k
FileThe influence of exercise on serum markers of altered erythropoiesis and the ...2021-01-25 20:05 68k
FileThe influence of estrogen on skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 6364k
FileThe influence of estradiol on muscle damage and leg strength after intense ec...2021-01-25 19:58 488k
FileThe influence of direct supervision in resistance training (personal).pdf2021-01-25 17:28 116k
FileThe Influence of Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on Self-Selected Speeds During a 30...2021-01-25 20:26 236k
FileThe influence of anti-inflammatory medication on exercise-induced myogenic pr...2021-01-25 20:05 124k
FileThe Influence of Altered Lower-Extremity Kinematics on Patellofemoral Joint D...2021-01-25 19:54 124k
FileThe influence of alkalosis on repeated high-intensity exercise performance an...2021-01-25 20:26 1180k
FileThe influence of abnormal hip mechanics on knee injury - a biomechanical pers...2021-01-25 19:54 1360k
FileThe influence of 6 months of oral anabolic steroids on body mass and respirat...2021-01-25 20:07 380k
FileThe inflammatory response - friend or enemy for muscle injury.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 128k
FileThe Incidence of Fibromyalgia and Its Associated Comorbidities - A Population...2021-01-25 19:25 220k
FileThe incidence of bulimia nervosa and pathogenic weight control behaviors in ...2021-01-25 19:25 300k
FileThe importance of physical fitness vesus physical activity for coronary arter...2021-01-25 19:36 32k
FileThe Importance of Breakfast in Atherosclerosis Disease - Insights From the PE...2021-01-25 20:26 504k
FileThe implications of low testosterone on mortality in men.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 224k
FileThe impact of work-matched interval training on V̇O2peak and V̇O2 kinetics ...2021-01-25 18:20 428k
FileThe impact of velocity of movement on performance factors in resistance exerc...2021-01-25 17:51 224k
FileThe Impact of the Valsalva Maneuver During Resistance Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 68k
FileThe Impact of Stretching on Sports Review of the Literature.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 204k
FileThe Impact of Stretching on Sports Injury Risk A Systematic Review of the Lit...2021-01-25 20:37 204k
FileThe impact of resistance training on distance running performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 212k
FileThe impact of physical activity on sickness absence.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 168k
FileThe impact of obesity on cardiac troponin levels after prolonged exercise in ...2021-01-25 19:36 316k
FileThe Impact of Nutritional Supplementation and Resistance Training on the Heal...2021-01-25 19:50 508k
FileThe impact of music on metabolism.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 124k
FileThe impact of high‐intensity interval training on the cTnT response to acut...2021-01-25 19:36 820k
FileThe impact of high-intensity interval training versus moderate-intensity cont...2021-01-25 18:20 468k
FileThe impact of high-intensity intermittent exercise on resting metabolic rate ...2021-01-25 17:21 404k
FileThe impact of high intensity physical training on motor and non-motor symptom...2021-01-25 20:00 88k
FileThe Impact of Cold-Water Immersion on Power Production in the Vertical Jump a...2021-01-25 20:37 144k
FileThe impact of a teacher-led structured physical activity session on preschool...2021-01-25 20:39 160k
FileThe impact of 6-month training preparation for an Ironman triathlon on the pr...2021-01-25 20:01 568k
FileThe Immune Response to Resistance Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 180k
FileThe Immune Response to Resistance Exercise-JSCR.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 188k
FileThe Immediate Effects on Inter-rectus Distance of Abdominal Crunch and Drawin...2021-01-25 20:37 460k
FileThe human obesity gene map - the 2005 update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 1660k
FileThe human obesity gene map - the 2004 update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 1816k
FileThe human obesity gene map - the 2003 update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 700k
FileThe human obesity gene map - the 2002 update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 652k
FileThe Human Obesity Gene Map - The 2001 Update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 196k
FileThe Human Obesity Gene Map - The 2000 Update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 2180k
FileThe Human Obesity Gene Map - The 1999 Update.pdf2021-01-25 20:11 220k
FileThe Human Meniscus - A Review of Anatomy, Function, Injury, and Advances in T...2021-01-25 19:54 716k
FileThe Human Gene Map for Performance and Health-Related Fitness Phenotypes The ...2021-01-25 20:11 1324k
FileThe Human Gene Map for Performance and Health-Related Fitness Phenotypes The ...2021-01-25 20:10 524k
FileThe Human Gene Map for Performance and Health-Related Fitness Phenotypes The ...2021-01-25 20:11 824k
FileThe Human Gene Map for Performance and Health-Related Fitness Phenotypes The ...2021-01-25 20:10 604k
FileThe Human Gene Map for Performance and Health-Related Fitness Phenotypes - Th...2021-01-25 20:12 1324k
FileThe human gene map for perfomance and health-related fitness phenotypes.pdf2021-01-25 20:10 220k
FileThe human gene map for perfomance and health-related fitness phenotypes the 2...2021-01-25 20:10 648k
FileThe human gene map for perfomance and health-related fitness phenotypes the 2...2021-01-25 20:10 1892k
FileThe history and future of Kaatsu training.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 136k
FileThe Health Risks of Obesity Have Not Been Exaggerated.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 116k
FileThe Health Risks of Obesity Have Been Exaggerated.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 120k
FileThe Health Benefits of Muscular Fitness for Children and Adolescents - A Syst...2021-01-25 19:40 408k
FileThe global burden of disease - 2004 update.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 4972k
FileThe genetics of muscle atrophy and growth - The impact and implications of po...2021-01-25 18:35 324k
FileThe generation, migration, and differentiation of olfactory neurons in the ad...2021-01-25 18:24 2380k
FileThe general surgeon's perspective of rectus diastasis. A systematic review of...2021-02-17 20:34 1340k
FileThe General Adaptation Syndrome - Potential Misapplications to Resistance Exe...2021-01-25 17:53 300k
FileThe gas transporting systems - limits and modifications with age and training...2021-01-25 18:24 1728k
FileThe future is now - early life events preset adult behaviour.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 732k
FileThe future - genes, physical activity and health.pdf2021-01-25 20:10 108k
FileThe functional role of calcineurin in hypertrophy, regeneration, and disorder...2021-01-25 18:35 576k
FileThe female athlete triad exists in both elite athletes and controls.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 516k
FileThe expression of neuregulin and erbB receptors in human skeletal muscle - ef...2021-01-25 17:37 352k
FileThe expression of androgen receptors in human-effects of training and self-ad...2021-01-25 20:07 84k
FileThe expression of androgen receptors in human neck and limb muscles - effects...2021-01-25 20:07 84k
FileThe Exercise and Sports Science Australia position statement - Exercise medic...2021-01-25 19:29 17292k
FileThe Evolution of Very-Low-Calorie Diets - An update and meta-analysis.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 192k
FileThe Evidence and Controversy Between Dietary Calcium Intake and Calcium Suppl...2021-01-25 20:26 3104k
FileThe Ergogenic Potential of Arginine.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 40k
FileThe epidemiology of injuries in powerlifting at the London 2012 Paralympic Ga...2021-01-25 19:54 96k
FileThe Epidemiology of Injuries Across the Weight-Training Sports.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 1116k
FileThe energy cost of aerobic exercise in fed and fasted normal subjects.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 648k
FileThe energy cost associated with selected step training exercise techniques.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 508k
FileThe energy balance equation - looking back and looking forward are two very d...2021-01-25 17:21 172k
FileThe endocrine function of adipose tissue - an update.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 260k
FileThe efficacy of protein supplementation during recovery from muscle-damaging ...2021-01-25 20:26 348k
FileThe efficacy of moderate-to-vigorous resistance exerciseduring pregnancy a ra...2021-01-25 19:58 336k
FileThe efficacy of isometric resistance training utilizing handgrip exercise for...2021-01-25 19:36 236k
FileThe efficacy of ice massage in the treatment of exercise-induced muscle damag...2021-01-25 19:54 128k
FileThe effects os supplemental WT for ballet dancers.pdf2021-01-25 20:37 544k
FileThe effects of weight loss by exercise or by dieting on plasma high-density l...2021-01-25 17:21 1000k
FileThe Effects of Warm-Up Duration on 1-Repetition Maximum Leg Press-Bench Press...2021-01-25 20:36 48k
FileThe Effects of Varying Resistance-Training Loads on Intermediate and High Vel...2021-01-25 17:50 200k
FileThe Effects of Varied Rest Periods Between Sets to Failure Using the Bench Pr...2021-01-25 17:50 128k
FileThe effects of underfeeding on whole-body carbohydrate partitioning, thermoge...2021-01-25 20:26 156k
FileThe Effects of Two Bouts of High- and Low-Volume Resistance Exercise on Gluco...2021-01-25 19:45 312k
FileThe effects of Tribulus terrestris on body composition and exercise performan...2021-01-25 20:26 892k
FileThe effects of training on heart rate - a longitudinal study (Karvonen).pdf2021-01-25 18:26 896k
FileThe Effects of Training on Fatigue and Twitch Potentiation in Human Skeletal ...2021-01-25 18:40 172k
FileThe Effects of Ten Weeks of Lower-Body Unstable Surface Training on Markers o...2021-01-25 20:36 112k
FileThe Effects of Supraphysiological Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and St...2021-01-25 20:07 152k
FileThe Effects of Supraphysiological Doses of Testosterone on Angry Behavior in ...2021-01-25 20:07 668k
FileThe effects of supraphysiological doses of testosterone on angry behavior in ...2021-01-25 20:07 656k
FileThe Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Stre...2021-01-25 20:05 156k
FileThe effects of supraphysiologic doses of testosterone on Muscle Size and Stre...2021-01-25 20:07 156k
FileThe effects of supplementation with 19-nor-4-androstene-3,17-dione and 19-nor...2021-01-25 20:07 88k
FileThe Effects of Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training and Their Combinati...2021-01-25 20:36 120k
FileThe effects of strength training on endurance performance and muscle characte...2021-01-25 20:36 240k
FileThe effects of strength training on endurance performance and muscle characte...2021-01-25 20:38 240k
FileThe effects of strength training and detraining on children.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 572k
FileThe effects of strength trainig on strength and quality of life.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 592k
FileThe Effects of Static Stretching on Running Economy and Endurance Performance...2021-01-25 20:36 184k
FileThe effects of static and ballistic stretching on DOMS and CK.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 356k
FileThe effects of six weeks of squat, plyometric and squat-plyometric....pdf2021-01-25 20:38 392k
FileThe effects of six weeks of squat, plyometric and squat-plyometric training o...2021-01-25 20:36 392k
FileThe effects of short-term resistance training on endocrine function in men an...2021-01-25 17:28 476k
FileThe effects of rest on maximal efforts in the squat and bench press.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 276k
FileThe Effects of Rest Interval Length on Ratings of Perceived Exertion During D...2021-01-25 17:33 120k
FileThe Effects of Rest Interval Length on Acute Bench Press Performance - The In...2021-01-25 17:50 236k
FileThe Effects of Resistance Training on Resting Blood Pressure in Women.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 204k
FileThe effects of resistance training on muscle strength, quality of life and ae...2021-01-25 19:36 1724k
FileThe effects of resistance training on ApoB-ApoA-I ratio, Lp(a) and inflammato...2021-01-25 19:45 508k
FileThe effects of resistance training on well-being and memory in elderly volun...2021-01-25 19:50 1372k
FileThe effects of resistance exercise with and without different degrees of bloo...2021-01-25 17:51 156k
FileThe effects of resistance exercise on physical performance and health-related...2021-01-25 19:29 508k
FileThe effects of replacing a portion of endurance training by explosive strengt...2021-01-25 17:28 124k
FileThe effects of recovery on force production, blood lactate and work performed...2021-01-25 17:51 428k
FileThe Effects of Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation on Performance and Trai...2021-01-25 20:26 176k
FileThe effects of proprioceptive or strength training on the neuromuscular funct...2021-01-25 19:54 168k
FileThe effects of pre-exhaustion, exercise order, and rest intervals in a full-b...2021-01-25 17:51 440k
FileThe Effects of Pre- and Post-Exercise Whey vs. Casein Protein Consumption on ...2021-01-25 20:26 176k
FileThe Effects of Plyometric vs. Dynamic Stabilization and Balance Training on P...2021-01-25 20:36 128k
FileThe Effects of Plyometric Training on Sprint Performance - A Meta-Analysis.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 144k
FileThe effects of physical activity and exercise on brain-derived neurotrophic f...2021-01-25 20:00 156k
FileThe effects of periodization versus progressive resistance exercise on....pdf2021-01-25 17:51 456k
FileThe Effects of Periodization Versus Progressive Resistance Exercise on Upper ...2021-01-25 17:50 456k
FileThe effects of performing isometric training at two exercise intensities in h...2021-01-25 19:36 328k
FileThe effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on abdominal strength, en...2021-01-25 20:36 296k
FileThe effects of nandrolone decanoate on bone mass and metabolism in ovariectom...2021-01-25 20:07 124k
FileThe Effects of Muscle Mass and Number of Sets During Resistance Exercise on P...2021-01-25 19:36 136k
FileThe effects of muscle action, repetition duration and loading strategies of a...2021-01-25 17:51 840k
FileThe Effects of Moderate- Versus High-Load Resistance Training on Muscle Growt...2021-01-25 17:50 228k
FileThe effects of mesocycle-length weight training programs involving periodizat...2021-01-25 17:51 616k
FileThe effects of maternal exercise on fetal heart rate and movement patterns.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 424k
FileThe effects of magnesium supplementation on exercise performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 72k
FileThe effects of low-intensity resistance training with vascular restriction on...2021-01-25 17:51 356k
FileThe Effects of Low-Dose Creatine Supplementation Versus Creatine Loading in C...2021-01-25 20:26 76k
FileThe Effects of Low-Dose Caffeine on Perceived Pain During a Grip to Exhaustio...2021-01-25 20:26 108k
FileThe Effects of Low-Carbohydrate versus Conventional Weight Loss Diets in Seve...2021-01-25 20:26 136k
FileThe effects of low volume resistance training with and without advanced techn...2021-01-25 17:51 920k
FileThe effects of isometric exercise training on resting blood pressure and orth...2021-01-25 19:36 600k
FileThe effects of isokinetic fatigue on recovery of maximal isokinetic concetric...2021-01-25 17:51 576k
FileThe effects of isokinetic fatigue on recovery of maximal isokinetic concentri...2021-01-25 17:51 576k
FileThe Effects of Interday Rest on Adaptation to 6 Weeks of Plyometric Training ...2021-01-25 20:36 116k
FileThe effects of indoor cycling training in sedentary overweight women.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 136k
FileThe effects of increasing exercise intensity on muscle fuel utilisation in hu...2021-01-25 17:21 208k
FileThe Effects of Incline and Level-Grade High-Intensity Interval Treadmill Trai...2021-01-25 18:20 160k
FileThe effects of high-load strength training with protein- or nonprotein-contai...2021-01-25 19:25 192k
FileThe effects of high-intensity interval training vs. moderate-intensity contin...2021-01-25 17:21 812k
FileThe effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise training on fat loss and ...2021-01-25 17:21 132k
FileThe Effects of High-Intensity Exercise on a 10-Second Sprint Cycle Test.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 208k
FileThe Effects of High Intensity Short Rest Resistance Exercise on Muscle Damage...2021-01-25 17:50 272k
FileThe Effects of High Intensity Interval Training vs Steady State Training on A...2021-01-25 18:20 716k
FileThe effects of high intensity interval training on muscle size and quality in...2021-01-25 18:20 280k
FileThe effects of high intensity interval training in women with rheumatic disea...2021-01-25 19:54 480k
FileThe Effects of Growth Hormone on Body Composition and Physical Performance in...2021-01-25 20:05 364k
FileThe Effects of Growth Hormone andor Testosterone in Healthy Elderly Men - A R...2021-01-25 20:05 236k
FileThe Effects of Green Tea Consumption and Resistance Training on Body Composit...2021-01-25 20:26 184k
FileThe effects of flexibility training on exercise‐induced muscle damage in yo...2021-01-25 20:36 676k
FileThe effects of fasting on metabolism and performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 144k
FileThe Effects of Ergogenic Compounds on Myogenic Satellite Cells..pdf2021-01-25 20:26 796k
FileThe effects of ENDUROX on the physiological responses to stair-stepping exerc...2021-01-25 20:26 384k
FileThe Effects of Endurance, Strength, and Power Training on Muscle Fiber Type S...2021-01-25 18:41 176k
FileThe Effects of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) towards Male Skeletal Musc...2021-01-25 20:36 260k
FileThe effects of either high-intensity resistance or endurance training on rest...2021-01-25 17:21 1696k
FileThe effects of eccentric versus concentric resistance training on muscle stre...2021-01-25 17:32 844k
FileThe effects of eccentric and concentric training at different velocities on m...2021-01-25 17:32 300k
FileThe Effects of Different Speed Training Protocols on Sprint Acceleration Kine...2021-01-25 20:36 276k
FileThe Effects of Different RT Protocols on Muscular Strength and Endurance in ...2021-01-25 19:40 172k
FileThe effects of different rest intervals between sets on volume components and...2021-01-25 17:51 88k
FileThe Effects of Different Resistance Training Protocols on Muscular Strength a...2021-01-25 17:50 172k
FileThe effects of different resistance training protocols on muscular strength a...2021-01-25 19:40 172k
FileThe effects of consuming a high protein diet (4.4 on body composition...2021-01-25 20:26 140k
FileThe Effects of Constant External Resistance Exercise and Isokinetic Exercise ...2021-01-25 17:50 332k
FileThe Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation during Resistance Tra...2021-01-25 20:26 1196k
FileThe Effects of Compensatory Acceleration on Upper-Body Strength and Power in ...2021-01-25 17:50 572k
FileThe effects of combined strength and endurance training on strength developme...2021-01-25 20:36 544k
FileThe Effects of Combined Strength and Endurance Training on Running Performanc...2021-01-25 20:36 484k
FileThe effects of cold application and modified PNF....pdf2021-01-25 20:36 368k
FileThe Effects of Circadian Rhythmicity of Salivary Cortisol and Testosterone on...2021-01-25 17:53 324k
FileThe effects of carbohydrate supplementation during the second of two prolonge...2021-01-25 20:05 360k
FileThe effects of cadence, impact and step on physiological responses.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 624k
FileThe effects of bungy weight training on muscle function and functional perfor...2021-01-25 17:28 488k
FileThe effects of breakdown set resistance training on muscular performance and ...2021-01-25 17:51 1148k
FileThe effects of bodymax high-repetition training.pdf2021-01-25 17:51 168k
FileThe Effects of Blood Flow Restriction on Upper-Body Musculature Located Dista...2021-01-25 17:50 468k
FileThe Effects of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Performance - A Systematic Rev...2021-01-25 20:26 208k
FileThe Effects of Beef, Chicken, or Whey Protein After Workout on Body Compositi...2021-01-25 20:26 388k
FileThe effects of balance training and high-intensity resistance training on per...2021-01-25 20:00 116k
FileThe Effects of Antagonist Prefatigue on Agonist Torque and Electromyography (...2021-01-25 17:50 188k
FileThe effects of an individualized exercise intervention on body composition in...2021-01-25 19:29 104k
FileThe Effects of an Exercise Program on Diastasis Recti Abdominis in Pregnant W...2021-02-17 20:34 184k
FileThe Effects of an Exercise Program in Leukemia Patients.pdf2021-01-25 19:29 172k
FileThe Effects of Amino Acid Supplementation on Muscular Performance During Resi...2021-01-25 20:26 284k
FileThe effects of amino acid supplementation on hormonal responses to resistance...2021-01-25 20:26 332k
FileThe Effects of Aging and Training on Skeletal Muscle.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 48k
FileThe effects of age on skeletal muscle and the phosphocreatine energy system -...2021-01-25 20:26 364k
FileThe effects of aerobic, resistance, and combination training on insulin sensi...2021-01-25 19:45 244k
FileThe effects of aerobic exercise intensity on memory in older adults.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 528k
FileThe effects of aerobic and resistance exercises in obese women.pdf2021-01-25 17:21 160k
FileThe Effects of Adding Leucine to Pre and Postexercise Carbohydrate Beverages ...2021-01-25 20:26 360k
FileThe effects of acute stretching on hamstring muscle fatigue and perceived exe...2021-01-25 20:36 128k
FileThe Effects of Acute Exposure to Prolonged Sitting, With and Without Interrup...2021-01-25 19:25 1148k
FileThe effects of acute exercise on serum adiponectin and resistin levels and th...2021-01-25 19:45 220k
FileThe effects of acute and chronic exercise on PGC-1α, irisin and browning of ...2021-01-25 19:16 604k
FileThe Effects of Accentuated Eccentric Loading on Strength, Muscle Hypertrophy,...2021-01-25 17:50 204k
FileThe effects of a weight training belt on blood pressure during exercise.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 460k
FileThe effects of a single bout of downhill running and ensuing delayed onset of...2021-01-25 20:36 244k
FileThe Effects of a Self-Efficacy Intervention on Exercise Behavior of Fitness C...2021-01-25 20:39 740k
FileThe effects of a pre-exercise meal on postexercise metabolism following a ses...2021-01-25 19:16 528k
FileThe Effects of a High-protein, Low-fat, Ketogenic Diet on Adolescents With Mo...2021-01-25 20:26 484k
FileThe Effects of a Constant Sprint-to-Rest Ratio and Recovery Mode on Repeated ...2021-01-25 20:36 136k
FileThe Effects of a Combined Resistance Training and Endurance Exercise Program ...2021-01-25 20:36 356k
FileThe Effects of a 7-Week Practical Blood Flow Restriction Program on Well-Trai...2021-01-25 17:50 232k
FileThe Effects of a 12-Week Strength-Training Program on Strength and Functional...2021-01-25 19:25 148k
FileThe Effects of a 10-Kilometer Run on Muscle Strength and Power.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 204k
FileThe effects of a 10 km run on muscle strenght and power.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 204k
FileThe effects of 8 weeks of heavy resistance training and branched-chain amino ...2021-01-25 20:26 140k
FileThe effects of 4 weeks stretching training to the point of pain on flexibilit...2021-01-25 20:36 1680k
FileThe Effects of 4 and 10 Repetition Maximum Weight-Training Protocols on Neuro...2021-01-25 17:39 312k
FileThe Effects of 3 Weeks of Uphill and Downhill Walking on Blood Lipids and Glu...2021-01-25 19:45 240k
FileThe effects of 24 weeks of moderate- or high-intensity exercise on insulin re...2021-01-25 20:01 268k
FileThe effects of 18 months of intermittent vs continuous exercise on aerobic ca...2021-01-25 17:21 572k
FileThe effects of 17a-methyltestosterone on myocardial function, in vitro.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 108k
FileThe effects of 12 weeks of resistance exercise training on disease severity a...2021-01-25 19:25 388k
FileThe effects of 12 weeks of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate free acid supplem...2021-01-25 20:26 228k
FileThe effects of 10 weeks of resistance training combined with β-alanine suppl...2021-01-25 20:26 272k
FileThe Effectiveness of Progressive Aerobic Interval Training in Cardiac Rehabil...2021-01-25 19:36 1688k
FileThe Effectiveness of Low Velocity (Superslow) Resistance Training.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 76k
FileThe effectiveness of exercise interventions to prevent sports injuries - a sy...2021-01-25 19:54 928k
FileThe Effectiveness of 3 Stretching Techniques on Hamstring Flexibility Using C...2021-01-25 20:36 148k
FileThe Effectiveness of 0.5-lb Increments in Progressive RT.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 196k
FileThe effect os supplemental isolated weight-training exercises on upper-arm si...2021-01-25 17:51 336k
FileThe effect on glycaemic control of low-volume high-intensity interval trainin...2021-01-25 19:45 1144k
FileThe effect of WT volume on homonal output and muscular size.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 776k
FileThe effect of whey protein supplementation with and without creatine monohydr...2021-01-25 20:26 892k
FileThe effect of weight training volume on hormonal output and muscular size and...2021-01-25 17:51 2080k
FileThe effect of weight training on the heart.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 472k
FileThe effect of weight loss by ketogenic diet on the body composition, performa...2021-01-25 19:14 172k
FileThe effect of warm-up on intermittent sprint performance and selected thermor...2021-01-25 18:20 408k
FileThe effect of voluntary effort to influence speed....pdf2021-01-25 17:50 572k
FileThe effect of voluntary effort to influence speed of contraction on strength,...2021-01-25 17:50 572k
FileThe effect of varying the time of concentric and eccentric muscle actions dur...2021-01-25 17:50 584k
FileThe effect of various cold-water immersion protocols on exercise-induced infl...2021-01-25 18:40 708k
FileThe effect of unilateral and bilateral strength training on the bilateral def...2021-01-25 17:50 328k
FileThe effect of two exercise modalities on skeletal muscle capillary ultrastruc...2021-01-25 19:45 784k
FileThe Effect of Two Different Concurrent Training Programs on Strength and Powe...2021-01-25 20:36 328k
FileThe effect of treatment with the oral growth hormone (GH) secretagogue MK-677...2021-01-25 20:05 120k
FileThe Effect of Training Volume on Lower-Body Strength.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 140k
FileThe effect of training volume and intensity on improvements in muscular stren...2021-01-25 17:50 664k
FileThe Effect of Training Intensity on VO2max in Young Healthy Adults - A Meta-R...2021-01-25 18:40 640k
FileThe effect of time on static stretch on the flexibility of the hamstring musc...2021-01-25 20:36 3076k
FileThe effect of time and frequency of static stretching on flexibility of the h...2021-01-25 20:36 1120k
FileThe effect of three different warm-up intensities on kayak ergometer performa...2021-01-25 20:36 848k
FileThe effect of the addition of resistance training to a dietary education inte...2021-01-25 17:26 180k
FileThe Effect of Supraphysiological Doses of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids on Col...2021-01-25 20:07 140k
FileThe effect of supplemental isolated weight training exercises on upper arm si...2021-01-25 17:50 336k
FileThe effect of strength training volume on satellite cells, myogenic regulator...2021-01-25 17:50 412k
FileThe Effect of Strength Training on Three-Kilometer Performance in Recreationa...2021-01-25 20:36 136k
FileThe Effect of Strength Training on Performance in Endurance Athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 556k
FileThe effect of strength training on estimates of mitochondrial density and dis...2021-01-25 17:28 280k
FileThe effect of strength training and reduced training on rotator cuff musculat...2021-01-25 19:54 76k
FileThe Effect of Static, Ballistic, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitatio...2021-01-25 20:36 104k
FileThe Effect of Sprint Interval Training on Body Composition of Postmenopausal ...2021-01-25 17:20 228k
FileThe Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Back Squat and Bench Press Exer...2021-01-25 20:26 268k
FileThe effect of six weeks of squat, plyometric and squat-plyometric training on...2021-01-25 17:50 392k
FileThe Effect of Sibutramine on Energy Expenditure and Body Composition in Obese...2021-01-25 20:26 80k
FileThe Effect of Short-Term Use of Testosterone Enanthate on Muscular Strength a...2021-01-25 20:07 112k
FileThe effect of short-term strength training on human skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 156k
FileThe effect of short-term strength training on human skeletal muscle - the imp...2021-01-25 17:39 152k
FileThe Effect of Seated Exercise on Fatigue and Quality of Life in Women With Ad...2021-01-25 19:29 140k
FileThe effect of running, strength, and vibration strength training on the mecha...2021-01-25 19:54 336k
FileThe effect of RT on the frequency of bleeding in haemophilia.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 68k
FileThe effect of RT on injury rate and performance in self-defense.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 416k
FileThe effect of rest interval on repeated maxinhal bench press.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 264k
FileThe effect of rest interval on quadriceps torque during an isokinetic testing...2021-01-25 18:26 204k
FileThe Effect of Rest Interval Length on the Sustainability of Squat and Bench P...2021-01-25 17:50 92k
FileThe effect of rest interval length on repeated maximal bench press.pdf2021-01-25 17:33 264k
FileThe Effect of Rest Interval Length on Bench Press Performance With Heavy vs. ...2021-01-25 17:50 92k
FileThe Effect of Resistive Exercise Rest Interval on Hormonal Response, Strength...2021-01-25 17:50 152k
FileThe Effect of Resistance-Training Intensity on Strength-Gain Response in the ...2021-01-25 17:50 128k
FileThe effect of resistance versus aerobic training on metabolic control in pati...2021-01-25 19:45 168k
FileThe effect of resistance training set configuration on strength, power, and h...2021-01-25 17:50 1392k
FileThe effect of resistance training on markers of immune function and inflammat...2021-01-25 19:29 520k
FileThe effect of resistance training on clinical outcomes in heart failure - A s...2021-01-25 19:36 1616k
FileThe Effect of Resistance Training in Women on Dynamic Strength and Muscular H...2021-01-25 19:58 852k
FileThe effect of resistance training during radiotherapy on spinal bone metastas...2021-01-25 19:29 548k
FileThe effect of resistance exercise on all-cause mortality in cancer survivors.pdf2021-01-25 19:29 468k
FileThe effect of recombinant human growth hormone and resistance training on IGF...2021-01-25 20:05 324k
FileThe Effect of Quadriceps Femoris Muscle Strengthening Exercises on Spasticity...2021-01-25 19:40 300k
FileThe Effect of Pyruvate Supplementation on Critical Power.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 176k
FileThe effect of protein timing on muscle strength and hypertrophy - a meta-anal...2021-01-25 20:26 664k
FileThe effect of progressive resistance training on aerobic fitness and strength...2021-01-25 19:36 1036k
FileThe effect of previous weight training and concurrent weight training.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 240k
FileThe effect of PPAR_ ligands on the adipose tissue in insulin resistance.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 296k
FileThe effect of plyometric training on distance running performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 252k
FileThe effect of passive movement training on angiogenic factors and capillary g...2021-01-25 20:36 196k
FileThe Effect Of Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (Okg) On Healthy, Weight Trained ...2021-01-25 20:26 92k
FileThe Effect of Oral Arginine During Energy Restriction in Male Weight Trainers...2021-01-25 20:26 672k
FileThe effect of obesity on the contractile performance of isolated mouse soleus...2021-01-25 17:21 240k
FileThe effect of novel polymorphisms in the interleukin-6 (IL-6) gene on IL-6 tr...2021-01-25 20:12 204k
FileThe effect of novel polymorphisms in the interleukin-6 (IL-6) gene on IL-6 tr...2021-01-25 20:10 204k
FileThe Effect of Nitric-Oxide-Related Supplements on Human Performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 12092k
FileThe effect of neuromuscular training on the incidence of knee injury in femal...2021-01-25 19:54 128k
FileThe effect of moderate consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners on glucose tol...2021-01-25 20:26 124k
FileThe effect of milk on recovery from repeat-sprint cycling in female team-spor...2021-01-25 20:26 832k
FileThe effect of maturation on adaptations to strength training and detraining i...2021-01-25 19:40 200k
FileThe Effect of Low-Volume Sprint Interval Training on the Development and Subs...2021-01-25 18:20 120k
FileThe Effect of Low-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training on Body Composition...2021-01-25 17:20 2024k
FileThe effect of low-intensity exercise training on fat metabolism of obese wome...2021-01-25 17:21 2040k
FileThe Effect of Loading on Kinematic and Kinetic Variables During the Midthigh ...2021-01-25 20:36 300k
FileThe Effect of Load Reductions on Repetition Performance for Commonly Performe...2021-01-25 17:50 96k
FileThe effect of leptin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), and nitric oxi...2021-01-25 19:45 224k
FileThe effect of intermittent energy and carbohydrate restriction v. daily energ...2021-01-25 20:26 252k
FileThe Effect of Inter-Set Rest Intervals on Resistance Exercise-Induced Muscle ...2021-01-25 17:50 172k
FileThe effect of intensity on heart rate and blood lactate.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 356k
FileThe Effect of In-Season, High-Intensity Interval Training in Soccer Players.pdf2021-01-25 18:20 132k
FileThe effect of hydration status on the measurement of lean tissue mass by dual...2021-01-25 18:26 612k
FileThe effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the treatment of obesity ...2021-01-25 20:26 1112k
FileThe Effect of High-Load vs. High-Repetition Training on Endurance Performance...2021-01-25 17:49 52k
FileThe Effect of High-Intensity Interval Cycling Sprints Subsequent to Arm-Curl ...2021-01-25 20:36 184k
FileThe effect of high Intensity interval training versus moderate intensity cont...2021-01-25 19:40 948k
FileThe Effect of Heavy- Vs. Light-Load Jump Squats on the Development of Strengt...2021-01-25 17:28 248k
FileThe effect of heart rate controlled low resistance circuit weight training an...2021-01-25 20:36 84k
FileThe effect of growth hormone (GH) replacement on muscle strength in patients ...2021-01-25 20:05 112k
FileThe effect of graded resistance exercise on fibromyalgia symptoms and muscle ...2021-01-25 19:25 68k
FileThe effect of glucosamine supplementation on people experiencing regular knee...2021-01-25 19:54 152k
FileThe effect of functional overreaching on parameters of autonomic heart rate r...2021-01-25 20:36 1128k
FileThe Effect of Five Weeks of Tribulus Terrestris Supplementation on Muscle Str...2021-01-25 20:26 108k
FileThe Effect of Exertional Hypertension Evoked by Weight Lifting on Vascular En...2021-01-25 19:36 84k
FileThe Effect of Exercise Training on Resting Metabolic Rate in Type 2 Diabetes ...2021-01-25 17:20 292k
FileThe effect of exercise training on leptin levels in obese males.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 88k
FileThe effect of exercise training on HSL in rat intra-abdominal adipose.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 128k
FileThe effect of exercise training on b-adrenergic stimulation of fat metabolism...2021-01-25 17:20 168k
FileThe Effect of Exercise Timing on Glycemic Control - A Randomized Clinical Tri...2021-01-25 19:45 984k
FileThe Effect of Exercise on Quality of Life, Fatigue, Physical Function, and Sa...2021-01-25 19:29 1632k
FileThe Effect of Exercise on Haemodynamics in Intermittent Claudication.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 332k
FileThe Effect of Exercise on Gene Expression and Signaling in Mouse Melanoma Tum...2021-01-25 19:29 3532k
FileThe Effect of Exercise Intensity on Postresistance Exercise Hypotension in Tr...2021-01-25 19:36 232k
FileThe effect of exercise and rehabilitation on anterior-posterior knee displace...2021-01-25 19:54 84k
FileThe effect of endurance training, WT and a combination...blood lipid profile.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 572k
FileThe effect of dynamic versus isometric resistance training on pain and functi...2021-01-25 19:54 144k
FileThe Effect of Duration of Stretching of the Hamstring Muscle Group for Increa...2021-01-25 20:36 520k
FileThe Effect of Duration of Resistance Training Interventions in Children Who A...2021-01-25 17:20 404k
FileThe Effect of Drop Jump Starting Height and Contact Time on Power, Work Perfo...2021-01-25 20:36 152k
FileThe Effect of Different Warm-Up Stretch Protocols on 20 Meter Sprint Performa...2021-01-25 20:36 92k
FileThe effect of different volumes of high-intensity interval training on proins...2021-01-25 19:45 472k
FileThe effect of different volumes of high-intensity interval training on proins...2021-01-25 19:45 168k
FileThe Effect of Different Types of Strength Training on Concentric Strength in ...2021-01-25 17:49 564k
FileThe effect of different types of ST on concetric strength in women.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 564k
FileThe Effect of Different Rest Intervals Between Sets on Volume Components and ...2021-01-25 17:49 88k
FileThe effect of different intensity modalities of resistance training on beat-t...2021-01-25 19:36 104k
FileThe effect of different first 200-m pacing strategies on blood lactate and bi...2021-01-25 20:36 488k
FileThe effect of diabetes mellitus on age-associated lean mass loss in 3153 olde...2021-01-25 19:45 328k
FileThe effect of cycling cadence on subsequent 10km running performance in well-...2021-01-25 20:36 40k
FileThe Effect of Concurrent Endurance and Strength Training on Quantitative Esti...2021-01-25 20:36 104k
FileThe Effect of Commonly Performed Exercises on the Levator Hiatus Area and the...2021-01-25 19:58 280k
FileThe effect of common hematologic abnormalities on the ability of blood models...2021-01-25 20:05 140k
FileThe effect of commercial thermogenic (xenadrine, ephedrine).pdf2021-01-25 20:26 40k
FileThe Effect of Combined Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Training on Abdominal ...2021-01-25 17:20 56k
FileThe effect of chromium picolinate on muscular strength and body composition i...2021-01-25 20:26 384k
FileThe Effect of Block Versus Daily Undulating Periodization on Strength and Per...2021-01-25 17:49 592k
FileThe effect of beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate on muscular strength and body ...2021-01-25 20:26 200k
FileThe effect of BCAA supplementation upon the immune response of triathletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 124k
FileThe Effect of Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise vs. Linear Perio...2021-01-25 17:49 116k
FileThe Effect of Anabolic Steroids and Corticosteroids on Healing of Muscle Cont...2021-01-25 20:07 956k
FileThe Effect of an Exercise Intervention During Early Lactation on Bone Mineral...2021-01-25 19:58 624k
FileThe effect of an adventure race on lymphocyte and neutrophil death.pdf2021-01-25 20:01 316k
FileThe Effect of Age on the VO2max Response to High-Intensity Interval Training.pdf2021-01-25 18:20 356k
FileThe effect of adding external weight on the aerobic requirement of bench step...2021-01-25 20:36 472k
FileThe effect of acute taurine ingestion on human maximal voluntary muscle contr...2021-01-25 20:26 352k
FileThe Effect of Abdominal Exercise on Abdominal Fat.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 128k
FileThe effect of a multidimensional exercise intervention on physical capacity, ...2021-01-25 19:29 156k
FileThe Effect of a High-Intensity Interval Training Program on High-Density Lipo...2021-01-25 17:20 100k
FileThe effect of a complex training and detraining programme on selected strengt...2021-01-25 19:40 124k
FileThe Effect of a Complex Agonist and Antagonist Resistance Training Protocol o...2021-01-25 17:50 156k
FileThe Effect of a Combined High-Intensity Strength and Speed Training Program o...2021-01-25 17:50 136k
FileThe effect of a 3-month low-intensity endurance training program on fat oxida...2021-01-25 17:20 116k
FileThe Effect of 5, 10, and 20 Repetition Maximums on the Recovery of Voluntary ...2021-01-25 17:49 356k
FileThe Effect of 30 Minutes of Passive Stretch of the Rat Soleus Muscle on the M...2021-01-25 20:36 160k
FileThe Effect of 16-Week Plyometric Training on Explosive Actions in Early to Mi...2021-01-25 19:40 312k
FileThe Effect of 12 Weeks of Different Exercise Training Modalities or Nutrition...2021-01-25 18:20 1436k
FileThe effect of 10 days of intermittent fasting on Wingate anaerobic power and ...2021-01-25 20:26 732k
FileThe efects of supramaximal versus submaximal intensity eccentric training w...2021-01-25 17:50 836k
FileThe efect of VDR polymorphism on secondary hiperPTH and BMD.pdf2021-01-25 20:14 76k
FileThe economic burden of physical inactivity in Canada.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 84k
FileThe Dutch Hunger Winter and the developmental origins of health and disease.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 440k
FileThe drop height determines neuromuscular adaptations and changes in jump perf...2021-01-25 20:36 236k
FileThe dose response relationship between resistance training volume and muscle ...2021-01-25 17:50 556k
FileThe distribution of rest periods affects performance and adaptations of energ...2021-01-25 20:36 160k
FileThe development of skeletal muscle hypertrophy through resistance training - ...2021-01-25 18:35 1644k
FileThe degree of p70S6k and S6 phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle in respo...2021-01-25 17:28 412k
FileThe Degree of Aminoacidemia after Dairy Protein Ingestion Does Not Modulate t...2021-01-25 20:26 1972k
FileThe definition and assessment of muscular power.pdf2021-01-25 17:33 716k
FileThe decrease in body fat in mice fed conjugated linoleic acid is due to incre...2021-01-25 20:26 124k
FileThe Cytokine Response to Physical Activity and Training.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 352k
FileThe Current State of Personal Training - An Industry Perspective of Personal ...2021-01-25 17:28 144k
FileThe contribution of muscle hypertrophy to strength changes following resistan...2021-01-25 17:37 340k
FileThe concept of skeletal muscle memory - Evidence from animal and human studie...2021-01-25 18:35 1216k
FileThe competitive period-soviet.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 228k
FileThe common properties of neurogenesis in the adult brain.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 512k
FileThe combined effects of weight training and plyometrics on dynamic leg streng...2021-01-25 20:36 356k
FileThe Classification of Human Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types.pdf2021-01-25 18:41 84k
FileThe Challenge of Treating Obesity - The Endocannabinoid System as a Potential...2021-01-25 20:26 216k
FileThe Challenge of Meeting Nutrient Needs of Infants and Young Children during ...2021-01-25 20:26 520k
FileThe central role of myostatin in skeletal muscle and whole body homeostasis.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 216k
FileThe Case for Retiring Flexibility as a Major Component of Physical.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 856k
FileThe c-jun kinase-stress-activated pathway - regulation, function and role in ...2021-01-25 19:25 536k
FileThe C-174G Promoter Polymorphism of the IL-6 Gene Affects Energy Expenditure ...2021-01-25 20:10 76k
FileThe BsmI vitamin D-receptor polymorphism and secondary hyperparathyroidism.pdf2021-01-25 20:14 204k
FileThe BSM-1 vitamin D receptor polymorphism and secondary hyperparathyroidism.pdf2021-01-25 20:14 112k
FileThe blood pressure response of older men to maximum and sub-maximum strength ...2021-01-25 19:36 176k
FileThe biomechanics of running.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 436k
FileThe biomechanics of adiposity – structural and functional limitations of ob...2021-01-25 17:20 148k
FileThe Biological Mechanisms of Cancer-Related Skeletal Muscle Wasting - The Rol...2021-01-25 19:29 236k
FileThe Bezold-Jarisch Reflex Revisited - Clinical Implications of Inhibitory Ref...2021-01-25 19:36 1464k
FileThe Best Warm-Up for the Vertical Jump in College-Age Athletic Men.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 88k
FileThe benefits of strength training in the elderly.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 196k
FileThe benefits of exercise training for quality of life in HIV-AIDS in the post...2021-01-25 19:25 212k
FileThe Benefit of a Single-Leg Strength Training Program For the Muscles Around ...2021-01-25 17:28 52k
FileThe behaviour of satellite cells in response to exercise - what have we learn...2021-01-25 18:35 300k
FileThe back squat and the power clean - elicitation of different degrees of pote...2021-01-25 17:50 5096k
FileThe Athlete’s Heart-A Meta-Analysis of Cardiac Structure and Function.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 96k
FileThe Athlete’s Heart - A Meta-Analysis of Cardiac Structure and Function.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 264k
FileThe Associations between Adiposity, Cognitive Function, and Achievement in Ch...2021-01-25 19:40 1484k
FileThe Association of a High Drive for Thinness With Energy Deficiency and Sever...2021-01-25 19:58 280k
FileThe association between vigorous physical activities and fat deposition in ma...2021-01-25 17:20 64k
FileThe association between different types of exercise and energy expenditure in...2021-01-25 19:16 768k
FileThe Association Between Dietary Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load and a Body S...2021-01-25 20:26 636k
FileThe application of training to failure in periodized multiple-set resistance ...2021-01-25 17:50 64k
FileThe Application of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Training in Various N...2021-01-25 20:36 488k
FileThe Application of an Exercise and Wellness Program for Cancer Patients - A P...2021-01-25 19:28 300k
FileThe aphrodisiac herb Tribulus terrestris does not influence the androgen prod...2021-01-25 20:26 132k
FileThe anti-inflammatory effect of resistance training in hypertensive women - t...2021-01-25 19:36 1284k
FileThe anti-inflammatory effect of exercise.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 660k
FileThe Anti-Hypertensive Effects of Exercise Integrating Acute and Chronic Mecha...2021-01-25 19:36 180k
FileThe Andro Project - Physiological and Hormonal Influences of Androstenedione ...2021-01-25 20:26 216k
FileThe Andro Project (androstenedione ).pdf2021-01-25 20:26 3724k
FileThe anabolic response to a meal containing different amounts of protein is no...2021-01-25 20:26 192k
FileThe adipsin-acylation stimulating protein system and regulation of intracellu...2021-01-25 19:25 1112k
FileThe adipocyte -at the crossroads of energy homeostasis, inflammation, and ath...2021-01-25 19:25 216k
FileThe adaptive potential of skeletal muscle fibers.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 2840k
FileThe adaptations to strength training - morphological and neurological contrib...2021-01-25 17:54 444k
FileThe adaptations to strength training - Morphological and neurological contrib...2021-01-25 17:50 732k
FileThe acute satellite cell response and skeletal muscle hypertrophy following r...2021-01-25 17:37 3496k
FileThe Acute Response of Apoptosis and Migration to Resistance Exercise Is Proto...2021-01-25 20:01 360k
FileThe Acute Potentiating Effects of Back Squats on Athlete Performance.pdf2021-01-25 17:53 288k
FileThe acute post-exercise response of blood pressure varies with time of day.pdf2021-01-25 19:36 268k
FileThe Acute Immune Response to Exhaustive Resistance Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:01 716k
FileThe Acute Effects of Static Stretching on Speed and Agility Performance Depen...2021-01-25 20:36 432k
FileThe acute effects of static stretching on peak torque, mean power output, ele...2021-01-25 20:36 476k
FileThe Acute Effects of Prior Dynamic Resistance Exercise Using Different Loads ...2021-01-25 17:49 104k
FileThe Acute Effects of Heavy-Load Squats and Loaded Countermovement Jumps on Sp...2021-01-25 20:36 132k
FileThe acute effects of heavy loads on jump squat performance - An evaluation of...2021-01-25 17:50 228k
FileThe Acute Effects of Heavy Loads on Jump Squat (PTP).pdf2021-01-25 20:36 216k
FileThe Acute Effect of Exercise Intensity on Vascular Function in Adolescents.pdf2021-01-25 18:20 244k
FileThe acute and chronic effects of “NO LOAD” resistance training.pdf2021-01-25 17:50 756k
FileThe ACTN3 R577X Polymorphism in East and West African Athletes..pdf2021-01-25 20:13 88k
FileThe ACTN3 R577X nonsense allele is under-represented in elite-level strength ...2021-01-25 20:13 64k
FileThe ACTN3 gene in elite greek track and field athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:13 92k
FileThe activity of satellite cells and myonuclei following 8 weeks of strength t...2021-01-25 20:07 432k
FileThe Active Straight Leg Raise Test and Lumbar Spine Stability.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 504k
FileThe action of chorionic gonadotrophin in the obese.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 348k
FileThe action of chorionic gonadotrophin in the obese(outro lado da moeda).pdf2021-01-25 17:20 492k
FileThe ACE ID polymorphism and human physical performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 200k
FileThe ACE ID Genotype and Muscle Strength and Size Response to Unilateral Resis...2021-01-25 20:12 128k
FileThe ACE ID Genotype and Muscle Strength and Size Response to Unilateral Resis...2021-01-25 20:12 1028k
FileThe ACE ID genotype and muscle strength and size response to unilateral resis...2021-01-25 20:12 32k
FileThe ACE gene and endurance performance during the south african ironman trith...2021-01-25 20:10 460k
FileThe ACE Gene and Endurance Performance during the South African Ironman Triat...2021-01-25 20:10 460k
FileThe Accuracy of Prediction Equations for Estimating 1-RM Performance in the B...2021-01-25 17:33 280k
FileThe 24-h urinary cortisol-cortisone ration for monitoring training in elite s...2021-01-25 20:36 244k
FileThe 24-h kinetics of leucine oxidation in healthy adults receiving a generous...2021-01-25 20:26 2492k
FileThe 10-20-30 training concept improves performance and health profile in mode...2021-01-25 20:36 312k
FileThe -597 G-A and -174 G-C Polymorphisms in the Promoter of the IL-6 Gene Are ...2021-01-25 20:10 176k
FileThe 'Extreme Exercise Hypothesis' - Recent Findings and Cardiovascular Health...2021-01-25 19:25 644k
FileTestosterone-Uchida-2004.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 36k
FileTestosterone-propionate cardiac response to exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 304k
FileTestosterone-propianate impairs the response of the cardiac capillary bed to ...2021-01-25 20:07 10724k
FileTestosterone-induced muscle hypertrophy is associated with an increase in sat...2021-01-25 20:07 496k
FileTestosterone-induced masculinization of the rat levator ani....pdf2021-01-25 20:07 6492k
FileTestosterone-induced increase in muscle size in healthy young men is associat...2021-01-25 20:07 328k
FileTestosterone-Fountain of Youth or Drug of Abuse.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 112k
FileTestosterone-fountain of youth or drug abuse.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 112k
FileTestosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone, and Physical Performance in Older Men R...2021-01-25 20:07 136k
FileTestosterone&cortisol, dietary nutrients and resistance exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 112k
FileTestosterone treatment results in quiescent satellite cell....pdf2021-01-25 20:07 9156k
FileTestosterone Treatment in Adolescents, Body Composition, Nutrient Metabolism...2021-01-25 20:07 380k
FileTestosterone responses after resistance exercise in women.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 908k
FileTestosterone Replacement Increases Fat-Free Mass and Muscle Size in Hypogonad...2021-01-25 20:07 156k
FileTestosterone Replacement In Hypogonodal Men.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 156k
FileTestosterone replacement and RT exercisse in HIV-infected men.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 216k
FileTestosterone Replacement and Resistance Exercise in HIV.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 220k
FileTestosterone Replacement and Resistance Exercise in HIV-Infected Men With Wei...2021-01-25 20:07 220k
FileTestosterone Prohormone Supplements.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 368k
FileTestosterone levels in healthy men and the relation to behavioural and physic...2021-01-25 20:07 316k
FileTestosterone injection stimulates net protein synthesis but not tissue AA tra...2021-01-25 20:07 156k
FileTestosterone dose-response relationships in healthy young men.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 316k
FileTestosterone Dose-Dependently Increases Maximal Voluntary Strength and Leg Po...2021-01-25 20:07 308k
FileTestosterone Deficiency in Young Men.pdf2021-01-25 20:07 268k
FileTestosterone Concentration and Lower Limb Power Over an Entire Competitive Se...2021-01-25 20:36 212k
FileTestosterone and progesterone, but not estradiol, stimulate muscle protein sy...2021-01-25 19:58 564k
FileTestosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance...2021-01-25 20:06 112k
FileTestosterone and atherosclerosis.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 160k
FileTestosterone administration to older men improves muscle function.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 112k
FileTestosterone administration to men increases hepatic lipase activity and decr...2021-01-25 20:06 208k
FileTestosterone Administration in 28 days of bed rest.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 156k
FileTestosterone - FFM and Muscle Size in Hypogonadal Men.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 156k
FileTestosterone - Body Composition and Muscle Strength in Men Over 65 Years of A...2021-01-25 20:06 176k
FileTestosterne and resistance exercise in men.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 836k
FileTesting the deconditioning hypothesis of low back pain - A study in 1182 olde...2021-01-25 19:54 668k
FileTesting Association of Statistically Inferred Haplotypes with Discrete and Co...2021-01-25 18:24 240k
FileTestes de força e resistência muscular confiabilidade e predição de u...2021-01-25 17:33 76k
FileTerstosterone and resistance training in men.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 836k
FileTerminology for contractions of muscle during....pdf2021-01-25 17:32 76k
Fileterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with autogenous patellar tendon graft...2021-01-25 19:54 860k
FileTeorias Biológicas do Envelhecimento do genético ao estocástico.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 80k
FileTension changes in the cat soleus muscle following slow stretch or shortening...2021-01-25 17:32 232k
FileTendências em dez anos das condições de saúde de idosos brasileiros - evi...2021-01-25 19:35 192k
FileTendon structural adaptations to load exercise are inhibited by anabolic andr...2021-01-25 19:54 1336k
FileTendon neuroplastic training - changing the way we think about tendon rehabil...2021-01-25 19:54 968k
FileTendon hypertrophy is associated with increased hydoxylation of nonhelical ly...2021-01-25 18:35 1036k
FileTendon collagen synthesis at rest and after exercise in women.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 160k
FileTendon and skeletal muscle matrix gene expression and functional responses to...2021-01-25 20:05 668k
FileTendinous tissue properties after short‐ and long‐term functional overloa...2021-01-25 19:54 684k
FileTendência temporal dos indicadores de excesso de peso.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 84k
FileTen-year secular changes in muscular fitness in English children.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 80k
FileTemporal variation in the prevalence of weight and obesity excess in adults -...2021-01-25 17:20 172k
FileTemporal Trends in the Handgrip Strength of 2,592,714 Adults from 14 Countrie...2021-01-25 19:25 980k
FileTemporal trends in muscular fitness of English 10-year-olds 1998–2014 - An ...2021-01-25 19:40 528k
FileTemporal Muscle-specific Disuse Atrophy during One Week of Leg Immobilization...2021-01-25 19:54 3804k
FileTask-Specific Resistance Training to Improve the Ability of Activities of Dai...2021-01-25 19:25 172k
FileTask-specific design of skeletal muscle - balancing muscle structural composi...2021-01-25 18:35 160k
FileTargeted ablation of the vitamin D receptor - an animal model of vitamin D-de...2021-01-25 20:14 568k
FileTalk test como método para controle da intensidade de exercício.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 240k
FileTainted Glory — Doping and Athletic Performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 168k
FileTachycardia During Resistance Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 188k
FileT[1].Res.Glut.4Ratos.pdf2021-01-25 20:10 252k
FileT9.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 1376k
FileT8.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 556k
FileT7.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 420k
FileT6.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 176k
FileT5.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 236k
FileT4.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 196k
FileT33.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 396k
FileT32.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 804k
FileT31.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 108k
FileT30.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 172k
FileT3.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 176k
FileT29.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 240k
FileT28.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 256k
FileT27.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 2032k
FileT26.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 108k
FileT25.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 172k
FileT24.pdf2021-01-25 18:07 256k
FileT23.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 84k
FileT22.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 184k
FileT21.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 328k
FileT20.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 292k
FileT2.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 264k
FileT19.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 292k
FileT18.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 692k
FileT17.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 316k
FileT16.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 188k
FileT15.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 84k
FileT14.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 68k
FileT13.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 596k
FileT12.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 320k
FileT11.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 200k
FileT10.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 496k
FileT1.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 376k
FileSystolic and Diastolic Left Ventricular Mechanics during and after Resistance...2021-01-25 19:35 284k
FileSystemic and muscular responses to effort‐matched short intervals and long ...2021-01-25 18:20 660k
FileSystemic and Local Regulation of the Growth Plate.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 392k
FileSystematic Review of the Association Between Physical Fitness and Musculoskel...2021-01-25 19:54 168k
FileSystematic review of long-term weight loss studies in obese adults - clinical...2021-01-25 17:20 276k
FileSystematic Review of Core Muscle Activity During Physical Fitness Exercises.pdf2021-02-17 20:34 136k
FileSystematic Review and Meta-analysis of Linear and Undulating Periodized Resis...2021-01-25 17:49 428k
FileSystematic Review - The Effects of Growth Hormone on Athletic Performance.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 280k
FileSystematic Literature Review of Imaging Features of Spinal Degeneration in As...2021-01-25 19:54 272k
FileSynthesis in Healthy Young and Older Men Basal Muscle Amino Acid Kinetics and...2021-01-25 19:50 344k
FileSynergy of L-arginine and GHRP-2 stimulation of growth hormone in men and wom...2021-01-25 20:26 212k
FileSymptoms of Muscle Dysmorphia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Eating Disorders...2021-01-25 20:39 212k
FileSympathetic neural regulation in endurance-trained humans - fitness vs. fatne...2021-01-25 17:20 200k
FileSympathetic nerve discharge is coupled to muscle cell pH during exercise in h...2021-01-25 19:35 924k
FileSweet Snacks Are Positively and Fruits and Vegetables Are Negatively Associat...2021-01-25 20:26 208k
FileSustained rise in triacylglycerol synthesis and increased epididymal fat mass...2021-01-25 17:20 880k
FileSuspension training vs. traditional resistance training - effects on muscle m...2021-01-25 17:49 1204k
FileSuspended Push-up Training Augments Size of not only Upper Limb but also Abdo...2021-01-25 17:37 420k
FileSusceptibility to Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage - a Cluster Analysis with a ...2021-01-25 17:53 768k
FileSusceptibility for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis - Interaction Between Genetic,...2021-01-25 20:14 152k
FileSurgical Weight Loss- Impact on Energy Expenditure.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 240k
FileSurgical Weight Loss - Impact on Energy Expenditure.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 240k
FileSuppression of testosterone does not blunt mRNA expression of myoD, myogenin,...2021-01-25 17:39 380k
FileSuppression of glucose absorption by some fractions extracted from Gymnema sy...2021-01-25 20:26 100k
FileSuppression of glucose absorption by extracts from the leaves of Gymnema inod...2021-01-25 20:26 80k
FileSuppression of endogenous testosterone production attenuates the response to ...2021-01-25 17:39 256k
FileSuppression of body fat accumulation in myostatin-deficient mice.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 1820k
FileSupplements (Dietary) for Physically Active People.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 708k
FileSupplemental carnitine and exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:26 44k
FileSuplements-Can nutrient supplements modify brain function.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 40k
FileSuplements & drug test.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 28k
FileSuplementação de creatina anula o efeito adverso do exercício de endurance...2021-01-25 20:25 452k
FileSupervised, but Not Home-Based, Isometric Training Improves Brachial and Cent...2021-01-25 19:35 1616k
FileSuperior results with continuous passive motion compared to active motion aft...2021-01-25 19:25 56k
FileSuperior fatigue resistant of elite black South African distance runners.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 1616k
FileSuperior fatigue resistance of elite black South African distance runners.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 1616k
FileSuperior cardiovascular effect of aerobic interval training versus moderate c...2021-01-25 17:20 316k
FileSuperimposed vibration confers no additional benefit compared with.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 204k
FileSunlight and Vitamin D - Necessary for Public Health.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 172k
FileSugar highs and lows - the impact of diet on cognitive function.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 488k
FileSugar addiction - is it real - A narrative review.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 476k
FileSuccessive time courses of strength development and steroid hormone responses...2021-01-25 17:37 2028k
FileSubstrate utilization during graded aerobic exercise in rainbow trout.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 200k
FileSubstrate utilization during brisk walking is affected by glycemic index and ...2021-01-25 20:25 384k
FileSubstrate utilization and enzymes in skeletal muscle of extremely endurance-t...2021-01-25 17:20 1800k
FileSubstrate Turnover during Prolonged Exercise in Man.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 1616k
FileSubstrate turnover and oxidation during exercise - effects of training durati...2021-01-25 20:25 140k
FileSubstrate oxidation and energy expenditure in athletes and nonathletes consum...2021-01-25 17:20 228k
FileSubstrate metabolism when subjects are fed CHO during exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 216k
FileSubstrate metabolism during different exercise intensities in endurance-train...2021-01-25 17:20 120k
FileSubmaximal markers of exercise intensity.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 200k
FileSubcutaneous Fat Alterations Resulting from an Upper-Body Resistance Training...2021-01-25 17:20 184k
FileSubcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Tissue-Their Relation to the Metabolic Synd...2021-01-25 19:45 736k
FileSubclinical Effects of Aerobic Training in Urban Environment.pdf2021-01-25 20:01 1972k
FileStudies in exercise physiology.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 2036k
FileStructure and organization of the human uncoupling protein 2 gene and identif...2021-01-25 20:11 36k
FileStructural Protein Alterations to Resistance and Endurance Cycling Exercise T...2021-01-25 17:37 152k
FileStructural organization of the human vitamin D receptor chromosomal gene and ...2021-01-25 20:14 1328k
FileStrong correlation of maximal squat strength with sprint performance and vert...2021-01-25 20:36 128k
FileStretching-Induced Deficit of Maximal Isometric Torque Is Restored Within 10 ...2021-01-25 20:36 140k
FileStretching Combined with Repetitive Small Length Changes of the Plantar Flexo...2021-01-25 20:36 580k
FileStretching before or after exercise does not prevent muscle soreness or reduc...2021-01-25 20:36 56k
FileStretching before exercise-an evidence based approach.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 144k
FileStretching and injury prevention - an obscure relationship.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 164k
FileStretch-shortening cycle muscle power in women and men aged 18–81 years - I...2021-01-25 19:50 252k
FileStretch-shortening cycle exercise - reduced reflex sensitivity.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 240k
FileStretch-shortening cycle exercise - neuromuscular fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 160k
FileStretch-shortening cycle exercise & reflex sensitivity.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 240k
FileStretch-shortening cycle exercise & neuromuscular fadigue.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 160k
FileStretch-shortening cycle - study of normal and fatigued muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 596k
FileStretch-shortening cycle & mechanical eficiency.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 808k
FileStretch-shorten cycle compared with isometric preload.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 240k
FileStretch-Reduced strength after passive stretch of the human plantarflexors.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 220k
FileStretch shorten cycle performance - Detrimental effects of not equating the n...2021-01-25 20:36 1104k
FileStretch Induces Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activation and Myogenic Tone...2021-01-25 18:35 224k
FileStretch increases human osteoblast proliferation and CICP synthesis .pdf2021-01-25 20:36 164k
FileStretch - Dynamic cell stretching & Bone.pdf2021-01-25 20:36 164k
FileStretch - altered reflex sensitivity.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 208k
FileStressing harms of physical inactivity to promote exercise.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 116k
FileStress-induced increase in muscle force - truth or myth.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 56k
FileStress protein induction in skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 1740k
FileStrenuous exercise during pregnancy - is there a limit2.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 280k
FileStrenuous Exercise During Pregnancy - Is There a Limit.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 48k
FileStrenuous exercise decreases the percentage of type 1 T cells in the circulat...2021-01-25 18:24 140k
FileStrenuous but not moderate exercise increases the thrombotic tendency in heal...2021-01-25 19:35 76k
FileStrengthening behavioral interventions for weight loss a randomized trial of ...2021-01-25 20:25 3196k
FileStrengthening behavioral interventions for weight loss - a randomized trial o...2021-01-25 20:25 1196k
FileStrength-Power Augmentation Subsequent to Short-Term Training Abstinence.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 104k
FileStrength-endurance effects from three RT protocols with women.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 356k
FileStrength, workload, anaerobic intensity and the immune response to resistance...2021-01-25 20:01 112k
FileStrength, power, fiber types, and mRNA expression in trained men and women wi...2021-01-25 20:13 208k
FileStrength, But Not Muscle Mass, Is Associated With Mortality in the Health, Ag...2021-01-25 19:50 156k
FileStrength training-single vs multiple sets.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 1004k
FileStrength Training's Chronic Effects on Muscle Architecture Parameters of Diff...2021-01-25 17:53 456k
FileStrength Training with Repetitions to Failure does not Provide Additional Str...2021-01-25 17:49 304k
FileStrength training with partial ischaemia stimulates microvascular remodelling...2021-01-25 17:28 160k
FileStrength Training with Blood Flow Restriction Diminishes Myostatin Gene Expre...2021-01-25 17:49 180k
FileStrength training versus aerobic interval training to modify risk factors of ...2021-01-25 19:45 164k
FileStrength training reduces arterial blood pressure but not sympathetic neural ...2021-01-25 19:35 120k
FileStrength Training Normalizes Resting Blood Pressure in 65- to 73-Year-Old Men...2021-01-25 19:35 268k
FileStrength training methods and the work of Arthur Jones.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 124k
FileStrength training induced adaptations in neuromuscular function of premenopau...2021-01-25 19:25 224k
FileStrength training increases resting metabolic rate and norepinephrine levels ...2021-01-25 17:20 1416k
FileStrength training increases insulin-mediated glucose uptake, GLUT4 content, a...2021-01-25 19:45 372k
FileStrength training increases insulin action in healthy 50- to 65-yr-old men.pdf2021-01-25 19:45 1680k
FileStrength Training in the Elderly.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 252k
FileStrength Training In Prisons.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 160k
FileStrength Training in Female Distance Runners - Impact on Running Economy.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 600k
FileStrength Training in Endurance Runners.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 584k
FileStrength training improves performance and pedaling characteristics in elite ...2021-01-25 20:35 316k
FileStrength training improves cycling efficiency in master endurance athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 344k
FileStrength training improves 5-min all-out performance following 185 min of cyc...2021-01-25 20:35 244k
FileStrength training for the heart.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 296k
FileStrength training for prepubescent males - is it safe.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 2160k
FileStrength training for prebuscent males - is it safe.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 2160k
FileStrength Training for Overweight Teenagers.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 84k
Filestrength training for female athletes II.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 832k
Filestrength training for female athletes I.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 932k
FileStrength training for 1h in humans-effect on the motor performance of normal ...2021-01-25 17:28 228k
FileStrength training elevates HSP27, HSP70 and B-crystallin levels in musculi va...2021-01-25 17:49 1868k
FileStrength training effects on urinary steroid profile across the menstrual cyc...2021-01-25 19:58 200k
FileStrength training effects of whole-body vibration.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 116k
FileStrength training does not affect vagal–cardiac control or cardiovagal baro...2021-01-25 19:35 256k
FileStrength Training by Children and Adolescents.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 100k
FileStrength training as superior, dose-dependent and safe prevention of acute an...2021-01-25 17:49 884k
FileStrength training and determinants of VO2max in older men.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 1620k
FileStrength Training and All‐Cause, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer Mortali...2021-01-25 19:25 532k
FileStrength Training Affects Tendon Cross-Sectional Area and Freely Chosen Caden...2021-01-25 17:53 172k
FileStrength Training - Rationale for Current Guidelines for Adult Fitness Progra...2021-01-25 17:39 44k
FileStrength Testing—Predicting a One-Rep Max from Reps-to-Fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 17:33 560k
FileStrength prior to endurance intra-session exercise sequence optimizes neuromu...2021-01-25 20:35 324k
FileStrength Outcomes in Fixed Versus Free-Form Resistance Equipment.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 164k
FileStrength loss after ecc contractions is unaffected by creatine supplementatio...2021-01-25 17:32 168k
FileStrength increases from the motor program - comparison of training with maxim...2021-01-25 17:53 2504k
FileStrength Increase after Whole-Body Vibration Compared with Resistance Trainin...2021-01-25 20:35 260k
FileStrength gains following resistance training - the effect of stressful, negat...2021-01-25 17:53 92k
FileStrength gains as a result of brief, infrequent resistance exercise in older ...2021-01-25 19:50 1332k
FileStrength Gains - Block Versus Daily Undulating Periodization Weight Training ...2021-01-25 20:35 160k
FileStrength gains - block versus daily undulating periodization weight training ...2021-01-25 17:49 160k
FileStrength conditioning in older men-skeletal muscle hypertrophy and improved f...2021-01-25 17:37 2048k
FileStrength conditioning in older men - skeletal muscle hypertrophy and improved...2021-01-25 19:50 2048k
FileStrength but not muscle mass, is associated with mortality in the health, agi...2021-01-25 19:50 156k
FileStrength Athletes Are Capable to Produce Greater Muscle Activation and Neural...2021-01-25 17:49 148k
FileStrength and skeletal muscle adaptations in HRT women after detraining and re...2021-01-25 17:37 3220k
FileStrength and Power Relationships as a Function of Age.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 212k
FileStrength and Power Predictors of Sports Speed.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 120k
FileStrength and performance asymmetry during maximal velocity sprint running.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 288k
FileStrength and neuromuscular adaptation following one, four, and eight sets of ...2021-01-25 17:49 1740k
FileStrength and hypertrophy with resistance training - chasing a hormonal ghost.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 128k
FileStrength and hypertrophy responses to constant and decreasing rest intervals ...2021-01-25 17:49 388k
FileStrength and endurance training lead to different post exercise glucose profi...2021-01-25 19:45 156k
FileStrength and Conditioning Practices of National Basketball Association Streng...2021-01-25 20:35 288k
FileStrength and Conditioning Practices of Major League Basetball Strength and Co...2021-01-25 20:35 256k
FileStrength Adaptations and Hormonal Responses to Resistance Training and Detrai...2021-01-25 19:40 48k
FileStimulatory effect of insulin on creatine accumulation in human skeletal musc...2021-01-25 20:25 96k
FileStimulation of net muscle protein synthesis by whey protein ingestion before ...2021-01-25 20:25 216k
FileStimulation of myofibrillar synthesis by exercise is mediated by more efficie...2021-01-25 18:35 192k
FileStimulation of muscle protein synthesis by whey and caseinate ingestion after...2021-01-25 20:25 248k
FileStimulation of muscle anabolism by resistance exercise and ingestion of leuci...2021-01-25 20:25 368k
FileStimulation of HSL activity by contractions in rat skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 232k
FileStimulation of hormone-sensitive lipase activity by contractions in rat skele...2021-01-25 19:16 232k
FileStimulation of hormone-sensitive lipase (LPL) by contractions.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 232k
FileSteroid Use and Long-Term Health Risks in Former Athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 272k
FileSteroid receptor concentration in aged rat hindlimb musle (AR, anabolic stero...2021-01-25 20:06 188k
FileSteroid receptor concentration in aged rat hindlimb muscle-effect of anabolic...2021-01-25 20:06 188k
FileStatistical Power for Nonequivalent Pretest-Posttest Designs - The Impact of ...2021-01-25 20:09 156k
FileStatistical power - a primer.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 56k
FileStatistical methods for assessing agreement between two methods of clinical m...2021-01-25 20:09 212k
FileStatistical consideration for research.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 168k
FileStatin wars - have we been misled about the evidence - A narrative review.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 328k
FileStatic Stretching Can Impair Explosive Performance for At Least 24 Hours.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 104k
FileStage length spline function and lactate minimum swimming speed.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 1772k
FileStabilization exercise compared to general exercises or manual therapy for th...2021-01-25 19:54 1332k
FileStability of experienced lifters heart rate during and after free weight exer...2021-01-25 19:35 388k
FileStability and change in genetic and environmental influences on hand-grip str...2021-01-25 20:12 124k
FileST increases RMR and norepinephrine levels in healthy 50- to 65-yr-old men.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 1416k
FileSSC - Influence of elastic properties of tendon structures on jump performanc...2021-01-25 18:40 180k
FileSRF protein is upregulated during stretch-induced hypertrophy of rooster ALD ...2021-01-25 18:35 220k
FileSPSS.for.Intermediate.Statistics.Use.and.Interpretation.(200.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 19172k
FileSPSS Regression Output.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 564k
FileSPSS for Introductory Statistics Use and Interpretation.pdf2021-01-25 20:09 43428k
FileSPSS exact statistics tests.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 3032k
FileSprint training, myocyte hypertrophy and Ca2+ homeostasis.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 200k
FileSprint training, muscle function, and myosin heavy chain expression.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 144k
FileSprint training, in vitro and in vivo muscle function, and myosin heavy chain...2021-01-25 20:35 144k
FileSprint training increases muscle oxidative metabolism during high-intensity e...2021-01-25 19:45 180k
FileSprint training enhances ionic regulation during intense exercise in men.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 600k
FileSprint training attenuates myocyte hypertrophy and improves Ca2+ homeostasis ...2021-01-25 18:35 200k
FileSprint performance is related to muscle fascicle length in male 100-m sprinte...2021-01-25 20:35 204k
FileSprint Interval Training Effects on Aerobic Capacity - A Systematic Review an...2021-01-25 18:20 388k
FileSprint interval and moderate-intensity cycling training differentially affect...2021-01-25 17:19 316k
FileSprint interval and moderate-intensity cyclin training differentially affect ...2021-01-25 18:20 316k
FileSprint cycle training & antioxidant enzymes in human skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 84k
FileSports, exercise, and other causes of injuries.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 716k
FileSports Participation during Adolescence - A Shift from Environmental to Genet...2021-01-25 20:10 312k
FileSports medicine-a century of progress.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 376k
FileSplenic contraction-induced reversible increase in hemoglobin concentration i...2021-01-25 18:24 316k
FileSplanchnic and peripheral glucose and amino acid metabolism in diabetes melli...2021-01-25 19:45 1444k
FileSpinal and Supraspinal Factors in Human Muscle Fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 908k
FileSpecificity of power improvements through slow and fast isokinetic training.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 1600k
FileSpecificity of limited range of motion variable resistance training.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 2700k
FileSpecificity of high-intensity intermittent action remains important to MMA at...2021-01-25 19:14 152k
FileSpecificity of Balance Training in Healthy Individuals - A Systematic Review ...2021-01-25 20:35 968k
FileSpecificity - Coordination, the determinant of velocity specificity.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 104k
FileSpecific muscle adaptations in type II fibers after high-intensity interval t...2021-01-25 18:20 152k
FileSpecific effects of eccentric and concentric training on muscle strength and ...2021-01-25 17:32 172k
FileSpecific amino acids inhibit food intake via the area postrema or vagal affer...2021-01-25 20:25 912k
FileSpecial Judo Fitness Test Level and Anthropometric Profile of Elite Spanish J...2021-01-25 20:35 144k
FileSoy-dairy protein blend and whey protein ingestion after resistance exercise ...2021-01-25 20:25 312k
FileSouth Pacific Islanders resist type 2 diabetes - comparison of aerobic and re...2021-01-25 19:45 244k
FileSomatotropic function the somatomedin hypothesis revisited.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 60k
FileSomatic, endocrine, and serum lipid changes during detraining in adult hamste...2021-01-25 19:45 564k
FileSomatic effects of AAS abuse - A 30-years follow-up study of male former powe...2021-01-25 20:05 404k
FileSodium bicarbonate supplementation and ingestion timing - does it matter.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 296k
FileSodium bicarbonate ingestion augments the increase in PGC-1α mRNA expression...2021-01-25 18:20 896k
FileSodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Citrate - Ergogenic Aids.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 236k
FileSocial isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic can increase physical inactivit...2021-01-25 19:35 696k
FileSmoking impairs muscle recovery from exercise.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 144k
FileSmaller organ mass with greater age, except for heart.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 164k
FileSmall Diferences Physiologicaly Meaninful.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 112k
FileSlow movement resistance training using body weight improves muscle mass in t...2021-01-25 19:50 100k
FileSlow and fast dietary proteins differently modulate postprandial protein accr...2021-01-25 20:25 220k
FileSlimming at all costs - Herbalife-induced liver injury.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 84k
FileSleep timing, sleep consistency, and health in adults - a systematic review.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 284k
FileSleep duration and health in adults - an overview of systematic reviews.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 264k
FileSleep Deprivation - Cytokine and Neuroendocrine Effects on Perception of Effo...2021-01-25 20:39 1844k
FileSleep and metabolic function.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 532k
FileSleep and immune function.pdf2021-01-25 20:01 528k
FileSlackline Training for Balance and Strength Promotion.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 300k
FileSlackline training and neuromuscular performance in seniors - A randomized co...2021-01-25 19:50 284k
FileSkinfolds and body composition of sports participants.pdf2021-01-25 17:20 1372k
FileSkinfold method vs DEXA to assess body composition in normal and obese.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 56k
FileSkin-fold Thickness and Training Volume in Ultra-triathletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 280k
FileSkin, the final frontier.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 480k
FileSkill in chess.pdf2021-01-25 20:39 2148k
FileSkeletal Response to Resistance and Impact Training in Prostate Cancer Surviv...2021-01-25 19:28 1068k
FileSkeletal muscle-master or slave of the cardiovascular system.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 76k
FileSkeletal muscle, microcirculatory adaptation to metabolic demand.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 180k
FileSkeletal muscle VO2 on-kinetics.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 132k
FileSkeletal muscle utilization of free fatty acids in women with visceral obesit...2021-01-25 17:19 1552k
FileSkeletal muscle uncoupling protein 3 expression is a determinant of energy ex...2021-01-25 17:19 92k
FileSkeletal muscle UCP2 and UCP3 expression in trained and untrained male subjec...2021-01-25 17:19 504k
FileSkeletal muscle triglyceride. An aspect of regional adiposity and insulin res...2021-01-25 19:45 260k
FileSkeletal Muscle Triglyceride - An aspect of regional adiposity and insulin re...2021-01-25 19:45 264k
FileSkeletal muscle sodium glucose co-transporters in older adults with type 2 di...2021-01-25 19:45 968k
FileSkeletal muscle size distribution in large‐sized male and female athletes.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 1260k
FileSkeletal muscle size and circulating IGF-1 are increased after two weeks of t...2021-01-25 17:49 84k
FileSkeletal muscle RNA synthesis following endurance and sprint exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 1212k
FileSkeletal muscle regeneration after injury - an overview.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 2868k
FileSkeletal muscle phosphatidylcholine fatty acids and insulin sensitivity in no...2021-01-25 18:24 84k
FileSkeletal muscle oxidative capacity in young and older women and men.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 140k
FileSkeletal muscle myostatin mRNA expression is fiber-type specific.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 180k
FileSkeletal muscle myostatin mRNA expression is fiber-type specific and increase...2021-01-25 20:12 180k
FileSkeletal muscle myosin heavy chain composition and resistance training.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 1732k
FileSkeletal muscle morphology and exercise response in congenital generalized li...2021-01-25 18:24 196k
FileSkeletal muscle metabolism is a major determinant of resting energy expenditu...2021-01-25 17:19 884k
FileSkeletal muscle mass and the reduction of O2 max in trained older subjects.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 92k
FileSkeletal muscle mass and distribution in 468 men and women aged 18-88 yr.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 192k
FileSkeletal muscle malonyl-CoA content at the onset of exercise at varying power...2021-01-25 17:19 124k
FileSkeletal Muscle Loading Changes its Regenerative Capacity.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 452k
FileSkeletal Muscle Lipid Content and Insulin Resistance - Evidence for a Paradox...2021-01-25 17:19 176k
FileSkeletal muscle is sensitive to the tension-time integral but not to the rate...2021-01-25 18:24 168k
FileSkeletal muscle in the fight against chronic diseases.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 320k
FileSkeletal Muscle Hypertrophy with Concurrent Exercise Training - Contrary Evid...2021-01-25 20:35 476k
FileSkeletal muscle hypertrophy in response to isometric, lengthening, and shorte...2021-01-25 17:32 96k
FileSkeletal muscle hypertrophy in rats having growth hormone-secreting tumor.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 1136k
FileSkeletal muscle hypertrophy and structure and function of skeletal muscle fib...2021-01-25 17:37 296k
FileSkeletal muscle hypertrophy and atrophy signaling pathways.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 252k
FileSkeletal Muscle Hypertrophy after Chronic Restriction of Venous Blood Flow in...2021-01-25 18:35 648k
FileSkeletal muscle homeostasis and plasticity in youth and ageing - impact of nu...2021-01-25 18:35 544k
FileSkeletal muscle glycolytic and oxidative enzyme capacities are determinants o...2021-01-25 17:19 1244k
FileSkeletal muscle glycogen loss evoked by RT.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 556k
FileSkeletal muscle glycogen loss evoked by resistance exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:41 556k
FileSkeletal muscle GLUT-4 and glucose uptake during exercise in humans.pdf2021-01-25 19:45 1092k
FileSkeletal Muscle Glucose Uptake During Exercise - How is it Regulated.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 160k
FileSkeletal muscle focal adhesion kinase, paxillin, and serum response factor ar...2021-01-25 18:35 392k
FileSkeletal muscle fiber-type distribution and habitual physical activity in dai...2021-01-25 18:41 236k
FileSkeletal muscle fiber hyperplasia.pdf2021-01-25 18:35 2296k
FileSkeletal Muscle Fiber Gene Expression by Calcineurin in Vivo.pdf2021-01-25 18:34 160k
FileSkeletal muscle fiber characteristics in patients with chronic heart failure ...2021-01-25 19:35 7212k
FileSkeletal muscle fiber area alterations in two opposing modes of resistance-ex...2021-01-25 17:49 2132k
FileSkeletal muscle fatigue, strength, and quality in the elderly - the Health AB...2021-01-25 19:50 152k
FileSkeletal muscle fat and carbohydrate metabolism during recovery from glycogen...2021-01-25 17:19 244k
FileSkeletal muscle enzymes as predictors of 24-h energy metabolism in reduced-ob...2021-01-25 17:19 88k
FileSkeletal muscle demand on cardiovascular function.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 100k
FileSkeletal muscle collagen content in humans after high-force eccentric contrac...2021-01-25 18:24 112k
FileSkeletal muscle characteristics predict body fat gain in response to overfeed...2021-01-25 17:19 92k
FileSkeletal muscle cell hypertrophy induced by inhibitors of metalloproteases; m...2021-01-25 18:34 632k
FileSkeletal muscle carnitine loading increases energy expenditure, modulates fue...2021-01-25 20:25 768k
FileSkeletal muscle blood flow capacity - role of muscle pump in exercise hyperem...2021-01-25 17:32 3240k
FileSkeletal muscle blood flow and flow heterogeneity during dynamic and isometri...2021-01-25 17:32 356k
FileSkeletal muscle and hormonal adaptations to circuit weight training in untrai...2021-01-25 17:39 528k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptations during early phase of HRT.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 2404k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptations during early phase of heavy-resistance training i...2021-01-25 17:37 2404k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptations during early fase of heavy RT (hypertrophy).pdf2021-01-25 18:35 10368k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptation to exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:34 48k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptation to exercise-a century of progress .pdf2021-01-25 18:34 44k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptation and performance responses to once a day versus twi...2021-01-25 20:35 700k
FileSkeletal muscle adaptation - training twice every second day vs. training onc...2021-01-25 17:49 360k
FileSkeletal maturation, fundamental motor skills, and motor performance in presc...2021-01-25 19:40 556k
FileSix sessions of sprint interval training increases muscle oxidative potential...2021-01-25 18:20 232k
FileSistema nervoso simpático e hipertensão arterial sistêmica.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 64k
FileSistema de treinamento em bloco - organização e controle.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 1860k
FileSistema de estruturação do ciclo anual de treinamento.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 1968k
FileSingle-Leg Power Output and Between-Limbs Imbalances in Team-Sport Players - ...2021-01-25 17:53 560k
FileSingle-Leg Power Output and Between-Limb Imbalances in Team-Sports Players - ...2021-01-25 17:53 596k
FileSingle-Joint Exercise Results in Higher Hypertrophy of Elbow Flexors Than Mul...2021-01-25 17:49 396k
FileSingle- vs. Multiple-Set Strength Training in Women.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 196k
FileSingle- vs. Multiple-Set Resistance Training - Recent Developments in the Con...2021-01-25 17:49 116k
FileSingle- and multiple-set resistance training improves skeletal and respirator...2021-01-25 19:50 404k
FileSingle vs. multiple sets of resistance exercise for muscle hypertrophy a meta...2021-01-25 17:49 288k
FileSingle versus multiple sets of resistance exercise - a meta-regression.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 292k
FileSingle versus multiple sets in recreational weightlifters.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 432k
FileSingle versus multiple sets in long-term recreational weightlifters.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 436k
FileSingle versus multiple sets for strength.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 384k
FileSingle versus multiple sets for strength - a meta-analysis to address the con...2021-01-25 17:49 4k
FileSingle versus multiple sets for strength - a meta-analysis to address the con...2021-01-25 17:49 608k
FileSingle muscle fibre contractile properties differ between bodybuilders, power...2021-01-25 18:26 964k
FileSingle muscle fiber contractile properties of young competitive distance runn...2021-01-25 20:35 224k
FileSingle Muscle Fiber Adaptations With Marathon Training.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 136k
FileSingle cysteine to tyrosine transition inactivates the growth inhibitory func...2021-01-25 20:12 284k
FileSingle and combined effects of GH and testosterone... in healthy older men..pdf2021-01-25 20:06 172k
FileSimultaneous potentiation and fatigue in quadriceps after a 60-second maximal...2021-01-25 18:40 1636k
FileSimple Steps to a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier Body.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 156k
FileSimilar muscle protein synthesis rates in young men and women - men aren't fr...2021-01-25 19:58 44k
FileSimilar magnitude of post-exercise hyperglycemia despite manipulating resista...2021-01-25 19:45 388k
FileSimilar Increases in Strength After Short-Term Resistance Training Due to Dif...2021-01-25 19:50 212k
FileSimilar hormonal responses to concentric and eccentric muscle actions using r...2021-01-25 17:32 304k
FileSimilar acute molecular responses to equivalent volumes of isometric, lengthe...2021-01-25 17:32 3284k
FilesIL-6R Is Related to Weekly Training Mileage and Psychological Well-being in ...2021-01-25 20:01 336k
FileSignals mediating skeletal muscle remodeling by resistance exercise - PI3-kin...2021-01-25 18:34 704k
FileSignalling through IGF-I and insulin receptors-where is the specificity.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 152k
FileSignalling role of adipose tissue - adipokines and inflammation in obesity.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 96k
FileSignalling cascades in mechanotransduction - cell–matrix interactions and m...2021-01-25 19:54 324k
FileSignaling in Muscle Atrophy and Hypertrophy.pdf2021-01-25 18:34 464k
FileSignal-transduction networks and the regulation of muscle protein degradation...2021-01-25 18:34 356k
FileSide effects of androgen deprivation therapy - monitoring and minimizing toxi...2021-01-25 19:28 108k
FileSibutramine-thermpgenics effects.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 156k
FileSibling Pair Linkage and Association Studies between Bone Mineral Density and...2021-01-25 20:14 160k
Fileshoulder plyometrics.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 3948k
FileShoulder Injuries Attributed to Resistance Training - A Brief Review.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 580k
FileShould static stretching be used during a warm-up....pdf2021-01-25 20:35 108k
FileShould resistance exercise be recommended during breast cancer treatment.pdf2021-01-25 19:28 124k
FileShould Patients in Intensive Care Units Receive Erythropoietin.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 60k
FileShould Athletes Return to Sport After Applying Ice.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 11004k
FileShould all patients with COPD be exercise trained.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 96k
FileShot-term creatine supplementation does not alter the hormonal response to RT...2021-01-25 20:25 1468k
FileShorter Duration Time Trial Performance and Recovery Is Not Improved by Inclu...2021-01-25 20:25 388k
FileShortening-induced depression of voluntary force in unfatigued and fatigued h...2021-01-25 17:32 88k
FileShort-time high-intensity exercise increases peripheral BDNF in a physical fi...2021-01-25 20:00 900k
FileShort-term, high-fat diets lower circulating leptin concentrations in rats.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 60k
FileShort-term training-when do repeated bouts of RT became training.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 1172k
FileShort-Term Training and Detraining Effects of Supervised vs. Unsupervised Res...2021-01-25 19:50 176k
FileShort-term strength training and the expression of myostatin and IGF-I isofor...2021-01-25 19:54 724k
FileShort-term sprint interval versus traditional endurance training - similar in...2021-01-25 18:20 496k
FileShort-Term RT Does Not Alter the Hypotensive....pdf2021-01-25 19:35 160k
FileShort-term Recovery Following Resistance Exercise Leading or not to Failure.pdf2021-01-25 17:49 700k
FileShort-term protein and energy supplementation activates nitrogen kinetics and...2021-01-25 20:25 100k
FileShort-Term Plyometric Training Improves Running Economy in Highly Trained Mid...2021-01-25 20:35 160k
FileShort-term performance effects of WT with multiple sets not to failuve vs a s...2021-01-25 17:49 176k
FileShort-Term Performance Effects of WT With Multiple Sets Not to Failure vs. a ...2021-01-25 17:49 172k
FileShort-term performance effects of weight training with multiple sets not to f...2021-01-25 17:49 176k
FileShort-Term Performance Effects of High Power, High Force, or Combined Weight-...2021-01-25 17:49 184k
FileShort-Term Oxandrolone Administration Stimulates Net Muscle Protein Synthesis...2021-01-25 20:06 520k
FileShort-Term Moderate Weight Loss and RT Do Not Affect Insulin-Stimulated Gluco...2021-01-25 19:16 140k
FileShort-term isometric exercise reduces systolic blood pressure in hypertensive...2021-01-25 19:35 140k
FileShort-Term Isokinetic Training Versus Isotonic Training - Effects on Asymmetr...2021-01-25 17:48 440k
FileShort-term interval training at both lower and higher intensities in the seve...2021-01-25 18:20 680k
FileShort-Term Intake of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Inhibits Lipoprotein Lipase and...2021-01-25 20:25 108k
FileShort-Term Immobilization after Eccentric Exercise-Contractile Properties.pdf2021-01-25 17:32 208k
FileShort-term high-intensity rehabilitation in radically treated lung cancer - a...2021-01-25 19:28 308k
FileShort-term high- vs. low-velocity isokinetic lengthening training results in ...2021-01-25 17:49 868k
FileShort-Term Heavy Resistance Training Eliminates Age-Related Deficits in Muscl...2021-01-25 19:50 160k
FileShort-Term Heart Rate Recovery is Related to Aerobic Fitness in Elite Intermi...2021-01-25 18:40 164k
FileShort-term growth hormone treatment does not increase muscle protein synthesi...2021-01-25 20:05 1036k
FileShort-Term Effects on Lower-Body Functional Power Development - Weightlifting...2021-01-25 17:48 104k
FileShort-term effects of weight loss with or without low-intensity exercise trai...2021-01-25 17:19 128k
FileShort-Term Effects of Selected Exercise and Load in Contrast Training on Vert...2021-01-25 20:35 108k
FileShort-Term Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Body Composition and S...2021-01-25 17:48 148k
FileShort-term Effects of Proprioceptive Training With Unstable Platform on Athle...2021-01-25 20:35 216k
FileShort-Term Effects of Hip Abductors and Lateral Rotators Strengthening in Fem...2021-01-25 19:54 684k
FileShort-term effects after a 3-month aerobic or anaerobic exercise program in H...2021-01-25 17:19 128k
FileShort-term alterations in carbohydrate energy intake in humans. Striking effe...2021-01-25 20:25 1928k
FileShort-Term (8 wk) High-Intensity Interval Training in Diseased Cohorts.pdf2021-01-25 18:20 1384k
FileShort-stretching cycle X isometric preload in performance.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 240k
FileShort- and Long-Term Effects of Growth Hormone (GH) Replacement on Protein Me...2021-01-25 20:05 112k
FileShort vs. Long Rest Period Between the Sets in Hypertrophic Resistance Traini...2021-01-25 17:48 272k
FileShort term impact of Tribulus terrestris intake on doping control analysis of...2021-01-25 20:25 216k
FileShort term effects of various water immersions on recovery from exhaustive in...2021-01-25 18:40 428k
FileShort rest interval lengths between sets optimally enhance body composition a...2021-01-25 19:50 292k
FileShort Recovery Augments Magnitude of Muscle Damage in High Responders.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 132k
FileShort intervals induce superior training adaptations compared with long inter...2021-01-25 18:20 316k
FileShort Intervals Between Sets and Individuality of Muscle Damage Response.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 216k
FileSharing a Personal Trainer - Personal and Social Benefits of Individualized, ...2021-01-25 17:28 164k
FileShared Genetic and Environmental Effects on Strength and Power in Older Femal...2021-01-25 20:12 184k
FileSexual dimorphism is associated with decreased expression of processed myosta...2021-01-25 20:12 152k
FileSexual Dimorphism in Skeletal Size, Density, and Strength.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 328k
FileSex-Related Differences in Mood Responses to Acute Aerobic Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 1796k
FileSex-related differences in fuel utilization and hormonal response to exercise...2021-01-25 19:45 228k
FileSex-Related Differences in Blood Glucose Responses to Resistance Exercise in ...2021-01-25 19:45 7776k
FileSex-based comparisons of myofibrillar protein synthesis after resistance exer...2021-01-25 19:58 516k
FileSex Steroids and Bone Mass in Older Men.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 484k
FileSex hormones, appetite and eating behaviour in women.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 916k
FileSex differences in whole body skeletal muscle mass measured by magnetic reson...2021-01-25 18:34 448k
FileSex differences in time to task failure and blood flow for an intermittent is...2021-01-25 19:58 300k
FileSex differences in the effects of aerobic and anaerobic exercise on blood pre...2021-01-25 19:35 648k
FileSex differences in human fatigability - mechanisms and insight to physiologic...2021-01-25 19:58 648k
FileSex differences in fatigability of dynamic contractions.pdf2021-01-25 19:58 368k
FileSeverity of contraction-induced injury is affected by velocity only during st...2021-01-25 17:32 204k
FileSevere vs moderate energy restriction with and without exercise in the treatm...2021-01-25 17:19 1540k
FileSevere diabetes prohibits elevations in muscle protein synthesis after acute ...2021-01-25 19:40 108k
FileSevere diabetes prohibits elevations in muscle protein synthesis after acute ...2021-01-25 19:45 108k
FileSeventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Eval...2021-01-25 19:35 936k
FileSeventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Eval...2021-01-25 19:35 956k
FileSeven Weeks of Instability and Traditional Resistance Training Effects on Str...2021-01-25 17:48 124k
FileSeum IL-6 level and the development of disability in older persons.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 1184k
FileSerum TSH, T4, and Thyroid Antibodies in the United States Population (1988 t...2021-01-25 20:05 304k
FileSerum testosterone responses to HIRT in male sprint.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 496k
FileSerum response factor mRNA induction in the hypertrophying chicken patagialis...2021-01-25 18:34 164k
FileSerum opioid activity after physical exercise in rats (endorphin).pdf2021-01-25 20:05 640k
FileSerum Lipoproteins in Overweight Obese Postmenopausal Women A One-Year Exerci...2021-01-25 17:19 976k
FileSerum lipoprotein patterns in long-term anabolic steroid users.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 752k
FileSerum Leptin Levels in Male Marathon Athletes before and after a run.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 152k
FileSerum Interleukin-6 and Hemoglobin as Physiological Correlates in the Geriatr...2021-01-25 20:12 72k
FileSerum interleukin 6 is a major predictor of bone loss in women specific to th...2021-01-25 20:10 200k
FileSerum IL-6 Level and the Development of Disability in Older Persons.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 620k
FileSerum IGF-I is higher in gymnasts than runners and predicts bone and lean mas...2021-01-25 20:05 68k
FileSerum Chemistry and Hematological Adaptations to 6 Weeks of Moderate to Inten...2021-01-25 17:28 192k
FileSerum Adiponectin Is a Predictor of Coronary Heart Disease - A Population-Bas...2021-01-25 19:25 104k
FileSerotonin, sex, and psychiatric illness.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 144k
FileSerotonin and central nervous system fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 80k
FileSerotonin and central nervous system fatigue, nutritional considerations.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 76k
FileSequences in the human PTH gene that bind the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 recept...2021-01-25 20:14 1440k
FileSequence Variations in the Osteoprotegerin Gene Promoter in Patients with Pos...2021-01-25 20:14 168k
FileSepsis in mice stimulates muscle proteolysis in the absence of IL-6..pdf2021-01-25 20:12 156k
FileSeparate Effects of Intensity and Amount of Exercise on Interindividual Cardi...2021-01-25 20:35 488k
FileSensitivity of Infants with and without Down syndrome to intrinsic dynamics.pdf2021-01-25 19:40 1972k
FileSensitivity of CPT I to malonyl-CoA in trained and untrained human skeletal m...2021-01-25 17:19 160k
FileSenior Strength Training.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 1308k
FileSenescence-related changes in gene expression in muscle.pdf2021-01-25 20:10 148k
FileSelf-selected resistance training intensity in novice weightlifters.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 180k
FileSelf-regulated cycling using the Children's OMNI Scale of Perceived Exertion.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 292k
FileSelf-rated physical fitness and estimated maximal oxygen uptake in relation t...2021-01-25 19:25 756k
FileSelf-harm and suicide after bariatric surgery time for action.pdf2021-01-25 17:19 40k
FileSelective packaging of human growth hormone into synaptic vesicles in a rat n...2021-01-25 20:05 1456k
FileSelective muscle hypertrophy, changes in EMG and force, and serum hormones du...2021-01-25 18:34 212k
FileSelective muscle hypertrophy, changes in EMG and force, and serum hormones du...2021-01-25 20:05 212k
FileSelective muscle contraction during plantarflexion is incompatible with maxim...2021-01-25 18:40 476k
FileSelective glycogen depletion pattern in human muscle fibres after exercise of...2021-01-25 18:41 2228k
FileSelective glycogen depletion in skeletal muscle fibres of man following susta...2021-01-25 18:41 1952k
FileSelective gene expression during adaptation of muscle in response to differen...2021-01-25 18:34 552k
FileSelective cryolysis - A novel method of non-invasive fat removal.pdf2021-01-25 17:19 2616k
FileSelective activation of AMPK-PGC-1α or PKB-TSC2-mTOR signaling can explain s...2021-01-25 18:34 1124k
FileSelective activation of AMPK-PGC-1{alpha} or PKB-TSC2-mTOR signaling can expl...2021-01-25 17:19 196k
FileSelected physiological... women weightlifters.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 692k
FileSelected herbals and human exercise performance (ephedra).pdf2021-01-25 20:25 88k
FileSegregation analysis reveals a major gene effect in compact and cancellous BM...2021-01-25 20:14 1804k
FileSegregated regulatory elements direct -MHC expression in response to altered ...2021-01-25 18:34 272k
FileSecular trends in health-related physical fitness in Spanish adolescents - th...2021-01-25 19:39 132k
FileSecular Trends in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors According to Body Mass ...2021-01-25 17:18 108k
FileSecular trends in anthropometric characteristics, physical fitness, physical ...2021-01-25 19:39 180k
FileSecular Increases in Relative Weight and Adiposity Among Children Over Two De...2021-01-25 17:18 544k
FileSecond-generation blood tests to detect erythropoietin abuse by athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:05 172k
FileSearching for Gene Defects That Cause High Bone Mass.pdf2021-01-25 20:14 140k
FileSearch for the Competitive Edge - A History of Dietary Fads and Supplements.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 272k
FileScreening and Interventions for Obesity in Adults - Summary of the Evidence f...2021-01-25 17:18 1152k
FileScore Tests for Association between Traits and Haplotypes when Linkage Phase ...2021-01-25 20:10 136k
FileScientific approach to the 1-h cycling world record.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 140k
FileScience versus opinion.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 168k
FileScience and Practice of Coaching a Strength Training Program for Novice and I...2021-01-25 17:39 708k
FileSaturated, but not n-6 polyunsaturated, fatty acids induce insulin resistance...2021-01-25 19:45 444k
FileSatellite cells and training in the elderly.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 248k
FileSatellite cell regulation of muscle mass is altered at old age.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 316k
FileSatellite cell proliferation and increase in the number of myonuclei induced ...2021-01-25 20:06 4328k
FileSatellite cell number and cell cycle kinetics in response to acute myotrauma ...2021-01-25 18:34 884k
FileSarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release and muscle fatigue.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 312k
FileSarcopenia- Diagnosis and Mechanisms.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 280k
FileSarcopenia in male patients with head and neck cancer receiving chemoradiothe...2021-01-25 19:28 760k
FileSarcopenia and aging.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 1460k
FileSanada et al. 2006_EJAP.pdf2021-01-25 17:33 376k
FileSample size requirements for case-control study designs.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 228k
FileSample size required for the accurate determination of fiber area and capilla...2021-01-25 18:34 644k
FileSalivary Hormone and Immune Responses to Three Resistance Exercise Schemes in...2021-01-25 20:01 172k
FileSagittal plane trunk posture influences patellofemoral joint stress during ru...2021-01-25 20:35 1240k
FileSafety profile of conjugated linoleic acid in a 12-month trial in obese human...2021-01-25 20:25 320k
FileSafety of weightlifting among women with or at risk for breast cancer-related...2021-01-25 19:28 84k
FileSafety of Maximal Power, Strength, and Endurance Testing in Older African Ame...2021-01-25 17:28 196k
FileSafety of drug therapies used for weight loss and treatment of obesity.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 316k
FileSafety and Efficacy of Weight Training in Recent Breast Cancer Survivors to A...2021-01-25 19:28 764k
FileS9.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 692k
FileS8.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 276k
FileS71.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 452k
FileS70.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 212k
FileS7.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 544k
FileS69.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 372k
FileS68.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 2404k
FileS67.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 1768k
FileS66.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 3220k
FileS65.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 1640k
FileS64.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 452k
FileS63.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 144k
FileS62.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 216k
FileS61.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 188k
FileS60.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 320k
FileS6.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 216k
FileS59.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 1704k
FileS58.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 2404k
FileS57.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 3220k
FileS56.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 328k
FileS55.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 204k
FileS54.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 216k
FileS53.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 188k
FileS52.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 452k
FileS51.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 296k
FileS50.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 792k
FileS5.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 176k
FileS49.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 504k
FileS48.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 88k
FileS47.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 88k
FileS46.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 108k
FileS45.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 92k
FileS44.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 380k
FileS43.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 488k
FileS42.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 216k
FileS41.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 372k
FileS40.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 600k
FileS4.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 176k
FileS39.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 660k
FileS38.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 176k
FileS37.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 84k
FileS36.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 176k
FileS35.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 24k
FileS34.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 424k
FileS33.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 244k
FileS32.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 712k
FileS31.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 912k
FileS30.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 792k
FileS3.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 188k
FileS29.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 980k
FileS28.pdf2021-01-25 18:06 84k
FileS27.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 148k
FileS26.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 80k
FileS25.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 128k
FileS24.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 60k
FileS23.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 56k
FileS22.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 64k
FileS21.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 80k
FileS20.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 288k
FileS2.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 204k
FileS19.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 452k
FileS18.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 456k
FileS17.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 384k
FileS16.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 572k
FileS15.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 356k
FileS14.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 464k
FileS13.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 416k
FileS12.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 408k
FileS11.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 476k
FileS10.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 644k
FileS1.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 140k
FileRunx1 prevents wasting, myofibrillar disorganization, and autophagy of skelet...2021-01-25 20:12 780k
FileRunning-induce alterations in GH, prolactin, T3 and T4 (thyroid).pdf2021-01-25 20:35 460k
FileRunning Stride Peak Forces Inversely Determine Running Economy in Elite Runne...2021-01-25 20:35 164k
FileRunning sprint interval training induces fat loss in women.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 708k
FileRunning Injuries - Changing Trends and Demographics.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 212k
FileRunning economy of African and Caucasian distance runners.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 72k
FileRunning economy is impaired following a single bout of resistance exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 900k
FileRunning economy and distance running performance of highly trained athletes.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 2292k
FileRunning economy - Comparison of body mass adjustment methods.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 620k
FileRun Sprint Interval Training Improves Aerobic Performance but Not Maximal Car...2021-01-25 17:18 220k
FileRun for your life... at a comfortable speed and not too far.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 276k
FileRun for your life - tweaking the weekly physical activity volume for longevit...2021-01-25 19:25 196k
FileRT-induced hormonal responses in men, women, and pubescent.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 936k
FileRT To Counteract the Catabolism of a Low-Protein Diet in Patients with Chroni...2021-01-25 19:25 312k
FileRT reduces the acute exercise-induced increase in muscle protein turnover.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 104k
FileRT reduces the acute exercise-induced increase in muscle protein turnover (hy...2021-01-25 18:34 104k
FileRT maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis during bed rest.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 72k
FileRT increases urinary calcium independently of osteoclastic activation in men.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 76k
FileRT increases total energy expendure and free-living physical activity in olde...2021-01-25 17:28 188k
FileRT increases mixed muscle protein synthesis rate in frail women and men 76 yr...2021-01-25 17:37 288k
FileRT in Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 88k
FileRT in Individuals With and Without Cardiovascular Disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 92k
FileRT in cardiac rehabilitation.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 816k
FileRT Enhances the Value of Protein Restriction in the Treatment of Chronic Kidn...2021-01-25 19:25 108k
FileRT during Unweighting Maintains Muscle Size and Function in Human Calf.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 188k
FileRT during bed rest on skeletal muscle sarcopenia and myosin isoform distribut...2021-01-25 17:28 208k
FileRT and the blood lactate response.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 520k
FileRT and strength benefits for elderly individuals.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 496k
FileRT and Gait Function in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 176k
FileRT affects iron status in older men and women.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 796k
FileRT acutely increases MHC and mixed muscle protein synthesis rates.pdf2021-01-25 17:36 136k
FileRT acutely increases MHC and mixed muscle protein synthesis rates in 78-84 an...2021-01-25 17:36 136k
FileRT (eccentric) - Increase in blood bradykinin concentration.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 124k
FileRT & muscle metabolism during prolonged exercise.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 108k
FileRPE, Pain, and Physiological Adjustment to Concentric and Eccentric Contracti...2021-01-25 17:31 240k
FileRPE and Muscle Activity During the Bench Press Exercise in Recreational and N...2021-01-25 17:28 104k
FileRoles of myokines in exercise-induced improvement of neuropsychiatric functio...2021-01-25 20:00 1360k
FileRole of triglyceride-fatty acid cycle in controlling fat metabolism in humans...2021-01-25 19:16 2092k
FileRole of the actin cytoskeleton in tuning cellular responses to external mecha...2021-01-25 18:34 292k
FileRole of resistance training in heart disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 300k
FileRole of plasma membrane transporters in muscle metabolism.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 604k
FileRole of physical activity in preventing and treating obesity.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 184k
FileRole of Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis in Resistance to Fat Gain in Human...2021-01-25 17:18 88k
FileRole of NO and PAF in the impairment of skeletal muscle contractility induced...2021-01-25 20:12 208k
FileRole of muscle mass and mode of contraction in circulatory responses to exerc...2021-01-25 19:35 1788k
FileRole of muscle fiber hypertrophy and hyperplasia in intermittently stretched ...2021-01-25 18:34 1616k
FileRole of local contractile activity and muscle fiber type on LPL regulation.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 140k
FileRole of kinesiophobia on pain, disability and quality of life in people suffe...2021-01-25 19:54 308k
FileRole of Intensive Training in the Growth and Maturation of Artistic Gymnasts.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 396k
FileRole of insulin in translational control of protein synthesis in skeletal mus...2021-01-25 18:34 224k
FileRole of Ingested Amino Acids and Protein in the Promotion of Resistance Exerc...2021-01-25 20:25 1184k
FileRole of genetic factors in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis-a review.pdf2021-01-25 20:14 160k
FileRole of Extracellular Matrix in Adaptation of Tendon and Skeletal Muscle to M...2021-01-25 18:34 920k
FileRole of eIF4E in stimulation of protein synthesis by IGF-I..(Hypertrophy).pdf2021-01-25 18:34 124k
FileRole of concentric force in limiting improvement in muscular strength.pdf2021-01-25 17:32 2176k
FileRole of Ca2+calmodulin-dependent kinases in skeletal muscle plasticity.pdf2021-01-25 18:34 372k
FileRole of adaptive thermogenesis in unsuccessful weight-loss intervention.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 336k
FileRocker shoe, minimalist shoe, and standard running shoe - A comparison of run...2021-01-25 20:35 804k
FileRisks and benefits of whole body vibration training in older people.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 52k
FileRisk of Obesity in Relation to Physical Activity Tracking from Youth to Adult...2021-01-25 17:18 744k
FileRisk of Myocardial Infarction in Older Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy.pdf2021-01-25 20:06 296k
FileRisk factors for lower extremity injury - a review of the literature.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 268k
FileRisk factors for lower extremity injuries among male marathon runners.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 184k
FileRisk Estimates for Diabetes and Hypertension with Different Physical Activity...2021-01-25 19:45 172k
FileRimonabant - endocannabinoid inhibition for the metabolic syndrome.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 188k
FileRibosome biogenesis adaptation in resistance training-induced human skeletal ...2021-01-25 17:37 1012k
FilerHGH and rIGF-1 Diminish the Catabolic Effects of Hypogonadism in Man (myosta...2021-01-25 20:05 228k
FileRF4 Is a Key Thermogenic Transcriptional Partner of PGC-1α.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 1804k
FileRevisão Sistemática e Meta-análise.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 56k
FileReview of myostatin history, physiology and applications.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 276k
FileReview of High-Intensity Interval Training for Cognitive and Mental Health in...2021-01-25 19:39 728k
FileReview of Exercise Intervention Studies in Cancer Patients.pdf2021-01-25 19:28 124k
FileReversing type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines - education fro...2021-01-25 19:45 204k
FileReversal of weightlessness-induced musculoskeletal losses (testosterone & nan...2021-01-25 20:06 264k
FileRetrospective Study of Risk Factors and the Prevalence of Injuries in HIFT.pdf2021-01-25 19:54 332k
FileRetrospective Injury Epidemiology of One Hundred One Competitive Oceania Powe...2021-01-25 19:53 152k
FileRetrospective Injury Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Injury in CrossFit.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 176k
FileRethinking the neurological examination II - dynamic balance assessment.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 1620k
FileRethinking the neurological examination I - Static balance assessment.pdf2021-01-25 19:53 1772k
FileRethinking and reframing obesity.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 676k
FileRestoration of muscle power by heavy resistance exercises.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 1464k
FileRestoration of IGF-1 action in skeletal muscle..(Hypertrophy).pdf2021-01-25 18:34 104k
FileResting metabolic rate in monozygotic and dizygotic twins.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 296k
FileResting metabolic rate and coronary-heart-disease risk factors in aerobically...2021-01-25 17:18 1284k
FileResting Metabolic Rate after Endurance Exercise Training.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 192k
FileResting energy expenditure and substrate utilisation rate in children with co...2021-01-25 19:16 124k
FileResting Energy Expenditure and Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness After Full-Body ...2021-01-25 17:25 160k
FileRest-Interval Length Affects Leukocyte Levels During Heavy Resistance Exercis...2021-01-25 20:01 264k
FileRest Interval Required for Power Training With Power Load in the Bench Press ...2021-01-25 17:53 300k
FileRespostas de frequência cardíaca, pressão arterial e duplo-produto ao exer...2021-01-25 19:35 500k
FileRespostas cardiovasculares agudas na extensão do joelho realizada em diferen...2021-01-25 19:35 44k
FileResposta da razão testosterona-cortisol durante o treinamento de corredores ...2021-01-25 20:35 356k
FileResponses of males and females to high-force eccentric....pdf2021-01-25 17:32 156k
FileResponses of knee extensor muscles to leg press training of various types in ...2021-01-25 17:49 10200k
FileResponses of IGF-I to endogenous increases in growth hormone after heavy-resi...2021-01-25 17:39 1600k
FileResponses of Elbow Flexors to Two Strenuous Eccentric Exercise Bouts Separate...2021-01-25 17:48 224k
FileResponse to ''Berger in retrospect - effect of varied weight training program...2021-01-25 17:48 440k
FileResponse of hypertensive adolescents to dynamic and isometric exercise stress...2021-01-25 19:35 392k
FileRespiratory muscle activation and action during voluntary cough in healthy hu...2021-02-17 20:34 1212k
FileRespiratory muscle actions and control during exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 260k
FileRespiratory gas-exchange ratios during graded exercise in fed and fasted trai...2021-01-25 17:18 176k
FileRespiratory and limb muscle weakness induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha. ...2021-01-25 20:12 92k
FileRespiratory and limb muscle weakness induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha -...2021-01-25 20:12 92k
FileResistive training increases fat-free mass and maintains RMR despite weight l...2021-01-25 17:18 1664k
FileResistive Training and Long-Term Function in Older Adults.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 68k
FileResistance-training experience and the pressor response during resistance exe...2021-01-25 19:35 1364k
FileResistance weight training during caloric restriction enhances lean body weig...2021-01-25 17:18 1132k
FileResistance Versus Aerobic Exercise - Acute effects on glycemia in type 1 diab...2021-01-25 19:45 308k
FileResistance training, fatigue, quality of life, anxiety in breast cancer survi...2021-01-25 19:28 1008k
FileResistance Training with Vascular Occlusion- metabolis adaptations in human m...2021-01-25 18:05 236k
FileResistance Training with Vascular Occlusion- metabolic adaptations in human m...2021-01-25 17:48 236k
FileResistance training with instability is more effective than resistance traini...2021-01-25 20:00 1260k
FileResistance Training with Instability for Patients with Parkinson's Disease.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 1616k
FileResistance Training With Excessive Training Load and Insufficient Recovery Al...2021-01-25 17:48 328k
FileResistance Training With Creatine Monohydrate Improves Upper-Body Strength in...2021-01-25 18:28 8k
FileResistance training with creatine monohydrate improves upper-body strength in...2021-01-25 20:00 184k
FileResistance Training With Creatine Monohydrate Improves Upper-Body Strength in...2021-01-25 20:25 192k
FileResistance Training vs. Static Stretching - Effects on Flexibility and Streng...2021-01-25 17:53 316k
FileResistance Training Volume Enhances Muscle Hypertrophy but Not Strength in Tr...2021-01-25 17:48 1188k
FileResistance Training to Momentary Muscular Failure Improves Cardiovascular Fit...2021-01-25 19:35 396k
FileResistance Training To Counteract the Catabolism of a Low-Protein Diet in Pat...2021-01-25 19:25 304k
FileResistance training to counteract the catabolism of a low-protein diet in pat...2021-01-25 19:25 304k
FileResistance Training Reduces Disability in Prostate Cancer Survivors on Androg...2021-01-25 19:28 368k
FileResistance Training Predicts Six-Year Body Composition Change in Postmenopaus...2021-01-25 17:25 428k
FileResistance Training Performed With Single and Multiple Sets Induces Similar I...2021-01-25 19:50 260k
FileResistance Training on Physical Performance in Disabled Older Female Cardiac ...2021-01-25 19:35 236k
FileResistance training minimizes catabolic effects induced by sleep deprivation ...2021-01-25 17:53 1188k
FileResistance training interventions across the cancer control continuum - a sys...2021-01-25 19:28 352k
FileResistance training intensity and volume affect changes in rate of force deve...2021-01-25 17:48 432k
FileResistance training induces supraspinal adaptations - evidence from movement-...2021-01-25 17:53 788k
FileResistance Training Induces Antiatherogenic Effects on Metabolomic Pathways.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 1456k
FileResistance training induced increase in muscle fiber size in young and older ...2021-01-25 19:50 440k
FileResistance Training Increases Basal Limb Blood Flow and Vascular Conductance ...2021-01-25 19:35 452k
FileResistance training in peripheral arterial disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 1660k
FileResistance Training in Paraplegia.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 204k
FileResistance training in older women - Comparison of single vs. multiple sets o...2021-01-25 17:48 848k
FileResistance training in older populations.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 820k
FileResistance training in men is associated with increased arterial stiffness an...2021-01-25 19:35 216k
FileResistance training in children and youth - A meta-analysis.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 1020k
FileResistance Training in Cancer Survivors - A Systematic Review.pdf2021-01-25 19:28 248k
FileResistance training in breast cancer patients undergoing primary treatment - ...2021-01-25 19:28 892k
FileResistance training improves the metabolic profile in individuals with type 2...2021-01-25 19:45 48k
FileResistance training improves single muscle fiber contractile function in olde...2021-01-25 18:34 172k
FileResistance training improves metabolic health in type 2 diabetes - A systemat...2021-01-25 19:45 532k
FileResistance training improves isokinetic strength and metabolic syndrome-relat...2021-01-25 19:45 276k
FileResistance training improves insulin signaling and action in skeletal muscle.pdf2021-01-25 19:45 644k
FileResistance training improves insulin sensitivity in NIDDM without altering VO...2021-01-25 19:39 428k
FileResistance training improves insulin sensitivity in NIDDM subjects without al...2021-01-25 19:45 80k
FileResistance training improves indices of muscle insulin sensitivity and β-cel...2021-01-25 19:45 244k
FileResistance Training Improves Gait Kinematics in Persons With Multiple Scleros...2021-01-25 20:00 156k
FileResistance training improves fatigue and quality of life in previously sedent...2021-01-25 19:28 296k
FileResistance Training Impact on Mobility, Muscle Strength and Lean Mass in Panc...2021-01-25 19:28 188k
FileResistance training frequency-strength and myosin heavy chain responses to tw...2021-01-25 17:28 284k
FileResistance training for strength - effect of number of sets and contraction s...2021-01-25 17:48 280k
FileResistance Training for Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 260k
FileResistance training for patients with hypertension.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 900k
FileResistance Training for Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis and Malalignme...2021-01-25 19:53 816k
FileResistance training for cyclists.pdf2021-01-25 20:38 136k
FileResistance Training for Children and Adolescents - Are There Health Outcomes.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 156k
FileResistance training exercises acutely reduce intraocular pressure in physical...2021-01-25 19:25 176k
FileResistance training enhances the value of protein restriction in the treatmen...2021-01-25 19:25 104k
FileResistance training enhances delayed memory in healthy middle-aged and older ...2021-01-25 19:50 576k
FileResistance Training During Pregnancy.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 48k
FileResistance Training During Pregnancy - Safe and Effective Program Design.pdf2021-01-25 19:57 184k
FileResistance training combined with bench-step aerobics.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 628k
FileResistance training as supportive measure in advanced cancer patients undergo...2021-01-25 19:28 588k
FileResistance training and type 2 diabetes Considerations for implementation at ...2021-01-25 19:45 276k
FileResistance Training and Reduction of Treatment Side Effects in Prostate Cance...2021-01-25 19:28 136k
FileResistance training and intra-abdominal adipose tissue in older men and women...2021-01-25 19:25 628k
FileResistance training and insulin action in humans - effects of de-training.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 776k
FileResistance training and human cervical muscle recruitment plasticity.pdf2021-01-25 17:53 220k
FileResistance Training and Gait Function in Patients with Parkinson's Disease.pdf2021-01-25 20:00 176k
FileResistance training and energy balance.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 2336k
FileResistance training and dietary protein - effects on glucose tolerance and co...2021-01-25 20:25 192k
FileResistance Training and Detraining Effects on Flexibility Performance in the ...2021-01-25 20:35 104k
FileResistance Training and Cardiac Hypertrophy.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 268k
FileResistance Training and Cardiac Hypertrophy Unravelling the Training Effect.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 268k
FileResistance Training and Bone Growth in the Elderly.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 156k
FileResistance Training Among Young Athletes - Safety, Efficacy and Injury Preven...2021-01-25 19:39 288k
FileResistance training alters skeletal muscle structure and function in human he...2021-01-25 19:35 944k
FileResistance Training Alters Plasma Myostatin but not IGF-1 in Healthy Men.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 976k
FileResistance training affects the hemodynamic parameters of hypertensive and no...2021-01-25 19:35 728k
FileResistance training affects iron status in older men and women.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 796k
FileResistance training affects GLUT-4 content in skeletal muscle of humans.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 108k
FileResistance training affects GLUT-4 content in skeletal muscle of humans after...2021-01-25 19:45 108k
FileResistance training - the multifaceted side of exercise.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 36k
FileResistance Training - Not All Programs Are Created Equal.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 56k
FileResistance training - cortical, spinal, and motor unit adaptations.pdf2021-01-25 17:53 64k
FileResistance to slimming - adaptation or illusion.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 396k
FileResistance to Exercise-Induced Weight Loss - Compensatory Behavioral Adaptati...2021-01-25 17:18 740k
FileResistance Isn't Futile - The Physiological Basis of the Health Effects of Re...2021-01-25 19:45 780k
FileResistance Exercise–induced Regulation of Muscle Protein Synthesis to Intra...2021-01-25 17:48 1816k
FileResistance exercise-induced increases in putative anabolic hormones do not en...2021-01-25 17:39 308k
FileResistance Exercise, the Valsalva Maneuver, and Cerebrovascular Transmural Pr...2021-01-25 17:28 136k
FileResistance exercise with whey protein ingestion affects mTOR signaling pathwa...2021-01-25 20:25 692k
FileResistance exercise with low glycogen increases p53 phosphorylation and PGC-1...2021-01-25 17:53 460k
FileResistance exercise with low glycogen increases p53 phosphorylation and PGC 1...2021-01-25 18:34 544k
FileResistance exercise volume affects myofibrillar protein synthesis and anaboli...2021-01-25 17:28 216k
FileResistance Exercise Versus Aerobic Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes - A Systemati...2021-01-25 19:45 328k
FileResistance exercise training reduces hypertriglyceridemia in HIV-infected men...2021-01-25 19:25 144k
FileResistance exercise training modulates acute gene expression during human ske...2021-01-25 17:37 1700k
FileResistance exercise training lowers HbA1c more than aerobic training in adult...2021-01-25 19:45 292k
FileResistance Exercise Training Is More Effective than Interval Aerobic Training...2021-01-25 19:35 372k
FileResistance exercise training increases mixed muscle protein synthesis rate in...2021-01-25 17:37 288k
FileResistance Exercise Training in Patients with Heart Failure.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 252k
FileResistance Exercise Training in Patients With Genitourinary Cancers to Mitiga...2021-01-25 19:28 324k
FileResistance Exercise Sessions Do Not Provoke Acute Immunosuppression in Older ...2021-01-25 20:01 156k
FileResistance exercise load does not determine training-mediated hypertrophic ga...2021-01-25 17:48 272k
FileResistance Exercise Intensity Progression in Older Men.pdf2021-01-25 19:50 468k
FileResistance Exercise Intensity is Correlated with Attenuation of HbA1c and Ins...2021-01-25 19:45 3060k
FileResistance exercise induced S6K1 kinase activity is not inhibited in human sk...2021-01-25 20:35 604k
FileResistance Exercise Increases Postprandial Muscle Protein Synthesis in Humans...2021-01-25 17:37 568k
FileResistance exercise increases leg muscle protein synthesis and mTOR signallin...2021-01-25 17:37 368k
FileResistance exercise increases human skeletal muscle AS160-TBC1D4 phosphorylat...2021-01-25 19:45 392k
FileResistance Exercise Increases Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Angiogenic Fac...2021-01-25 19:35 1832k
FileResistance exercise increases AMPK activity and reduces 4E-BP1 phosphorylatio...2021-01-25 18:34 320k
FileResistance Exercise in Type 1 Diabetes.pdf2021-01-25 19:45 588k
FileResistance Exercise in Pregnancy and Outcome.pdf2021-01-25 19:57 184k
FileResistance Exercise in Men Receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostat...2021-01-25 19:28 72k
FileResistance Exercise in Individuals With and Without Cardiovascular Disease.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 88k
FileResistance exercise in individuals with and without cardiovascular disease - ...2021-01-25 17:28 92k
FileResistance Exercise Impacts Lean Muscle Mass in Women with Polycystic Ovary S...2021-01-25 19:57 316k
FileResistance exercise dosage in older adults - single- versus multiset effects ...2021-01-25 19:50 100k
FileResistance exercise decreases skeletal muscle tumor necrosis factor alpha in ...2021-01-25 20:12 372k
FileResistance exercise decreases skeletal muscle tumor necrosis factor a in frai...2021-01-25 19:25 364k
FileResistance Exercise Counteracts Tumor Growth in Two Carcinoma Rodent Models.pdf2021-01-25 19:28 2496k
FileResistance Exercise Augments Postprandial Overnight Muscle Protein Synthesis ...2021-01-25 17:37 400k
FileResistance exercise attenuates skeletal muscle oxidative stress, systemic pro...2021-01-25 19:28 988k
FileResistance Exercise and Youth - Survival of the Strongest.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 336k
FileResistance Exercise and Supraphysiologic Androgen Therapy in Eugonadal Men Wi...2021-01-25 19:25 272k
FileResistance Exercise and Supraphysiologic Androgen Therapy in Eugonadal Men Wi...2021-01-25 20:06 272k
FileResistance Exercise and Physical Performance in Adults Aged 60 to 83.pdf2021-01-25 19:49 88k
FileResistance exercise and growth hormone administration in older men - Effects ...2021-01-25 19:45 788k
FileResistance exercise and glycemic control in women with gestational diabetes m...2021-01-25 19:57 676k
FileResistance exercise and breast cancer-related lymphedema-a systematic review ...2021-01-25 19:28 676k
FileResistance exercise and breast cancer related lymphedema - a systematic revie...2021-01-25 19:28 1184k
FileResistance exercise and bone turnover in elderly men and women.pdf2021-01-25 19:49 320k
FileResistance exercise alters MRF and IGF-I mRNA content in human skeletal muscl...2021-01-25 17:37 164k
FileResistance and aerobic exercise have similar effects on 24-h nutrient oxidati...2021-01-25 17:18 300k
FileResearch, ethics and the ACSM position stand.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 20k
FileResearch, ethics and the ACSM position stand on progression models in resista...2021-01-25 17:28 20k
FileResearch In the Exercise Sciences; Where We Are and Where Do We Go From Here ...2021-01-25 20:10 156k
FileRescue of the Skeletal Phenotype of Vitamin D Receptor-Ablated Mice in the Se...2021-01-25 20:14 488k
FileReposição hídrica.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 128k
FileReporting Results of Common Statistical Tests in APA Format.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 116k
FileReporting of Resistance Training Dose, Adherence, and Tolerance in Exercise O...2021-01-25 19:28 1408k
FileRepetitons and muscle hypertrophy.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 64k
FileRepeated muscle glycogen supercompensation with four days’ recovery between...2021-01-25 18:28 584k
FileRepeated Measures ANOVA.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 276k
FileRepeated Measures ANOVA-theory.pdf2021-01-25 20:08 276k
FileRepeated maximal eccentric actions causes long-lasting disturbances in moveme...2021-01-25 17:48 316k
FileRepeated high-force eccentric exercise - effects on muscle pain and damage.pdf2021-01-25 17:32 1336k
FileRepais of injured skeletal muscle-a molecular approach.pdf2021-01-25 18:34 952k
FileRepair of injured skeletal muscle-a molecular approach.pdf2021-01-25 18:34 956k
FileReliability, validity, and methodological response to the assessment of physi...2021-01-25 20:14 512k
FileReliability, validity, and methodological issues in assessing physical activi...2021-01-25 20:14 1024k
FileReliability, validity, and methodological issues concerning large-scale surve...2021-01-25 20:14 1508k
FileReliability of biomechanical variables of sprint running.pdf2021-01-25 20:35 272k
FileReliability of 1RM Split-Squat Performance and the Efficacy of Assessing Both...2021-01-25 17:33 296k
FileReliability and validity of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire...2021-01-25 18:26 24k
FileReliability and validity of the Borg and OMNI rating of perceived exertion sc...2021-01-25 18:26 124k
FileReliability and Validity Assessment of a Linear Position Transducer.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 356k
FileReliability and Intensity of the Six-Minute Walk Test in Healthy Elderly Subj...2021-01-25 19:49 156k
FileReliability and factorial validity of squat and countermovement jump tests.pdf2021-01-25 18:26 100k
FileReliability and Concurrent Validity of Seven Commercially Available Devices f...2021-01-25 17:33 872k
FileRelative training intensity and increases in strength in older women.pdf2021-01-25 19:49 300k
FileRelative Safety of Weightlifting and Weight Training.pdf2021-01-25 19:39 408k
FileRelative safety of weightlifting and weight training.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 408k
FileRelative safety of 4 weeks of blood flow-restricted resistance exercise.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 276k
FileRelative roles of heredity and physical activity in adolescence and adulthood...2021-01-25 19:35 64k
FileRelationships of resting energy expenditure with body fat distribution and ab...2021-01-25 17:18 56k
FileRelationships of 35 lower limb muscles to height and body mass quantified usi...2021-01-25 18:34 992k
FileRelationships Between Serum Testosterone, Cortisol, and Weightlifting Perform...2021-01-25 17:39 192k
FileRelationships between maximal muscle oxidative capacity and blood lactate rem...2021-01-25 20:35 128k
FileRelationships between enzymatic flux capacities and metabolic flux rates.pdf2021-01-25 17:18 232k
FileRelationship of total and abdominal adiposity with CRP and IL-6 in women.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 236k
FileRelationship of sexual abuse to motivation for strenuous exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 1916k
FileRelationship of Running Intensity to Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, and ...2021-01-25 17:17 332k
FileRelationship of resting metabolic rate to body composition and protein turnov...2021-01-25 17:18 2528k
FileRelationship of Maximum Strength to Weightlifting Performance.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 284k
FileRelationship of Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Mortality - The Finnish Tw...2021-01-25 19:25 124k
FileRelationship of Intestinal Calcium Absorption to 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D [1,2...2021-01-25 20:14 152k
FileRelationship of Interleukin-6 and Tumor Necrosis Factor With Muscle Mass and ...2021-01-25 20:12 120k
FileRelationship of exercise test variables to cycling performance in an Ironman ...2021-01-25 20:35 132k
FileRelationship of contraction capacity to metabolic changes during recovery fro...2021-01-25 17:48 1952k
FileRelationship between training load and injury in professional rugby league pl...2021-01-25 19:53 148k
FileRelationship Between Time of Day Physical Exercise and the Reduced Risk of Co...2021-01-25 19:35 120k
FileRelationship Between the Number of Repetitions and Selected Percentages of On...2021-01-25 17:28 76k
FileRelationship between the modifications of bilateral deficit in upper and lowe...2021-01-25 17:53 308k
FileRelationship between self-reported low productivity and overtime working.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 56k
FileRelationship between repetitions and selected percentages of 1RM.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 304k
FileRelationship between repetitions and selected percentages of 1RM (male X fema...2021-01-25 17:28 560k
FileRelationship between plasma lactate parameters and muscle charcteristics in f...2021-01-25 20:38 76k
FileRelationship between performance at different exercise intensities and skelet...2021-01-25 18:40 652k
FileRelationship between muscle sympathetic nerve activity and aortic wave reflec...2021-01-25 19:35 660k
FileRelationship Between Midweek Training Measures of Testosterone and Cortisol C...2021-01-25 18:40 152k
FileRelationship between Hip Strength and Trunk Motion in College Cross-Country R...2021-01-25 20:35 2412k
FileRelationship between force and stiffness in muscle fibers after stretch.pdf2021-01-25 20:34 204k
FileRelationship between exercise volume and muscle protein synthesis in a rat mo...2021-01-25 18:34 324k
FileRelationship between energy deficits and body composition (runnerXgymnasts).pdf2021-01-25 20:34 104k
FileRelationship between circulating cortisol and testosterone influence of physi...2021-01-25 20:05 244k
FileRelationship between Accumulated Walking and Body Composition in Middle-Aged ...2021-01-25 17:17 128k
FileRelations of Strength Training to Body Image Among a Sample of Female Univers...2021-01-25 17:28 164k
FileRelations between muscle soreness and biochemical and functional outcomes of ...2021-01-25 17:32 2216k
FileRelation of weight loss to changes in serum lipids and lipoproteins in obese ...2021-01-25 17:17 1388k
FileRelation of weight gain and weight loss on subsequent diabetes risk in overwe...2021-01-25 19:45 304k
FileRelation of Plasma Leptin Concentrations to Sex, Body Fat, Dietary Intake, an...2021-01-25 20:05 116k
FileRelation of alleles of the collagen type Ialpha1 gene to bone density and the...2021-01-25 20:14 100k
FileRelation between size of neurons and their susceptibility to discharge.pdf2021-01-25 17:53 956k
FileRelation between fat distributions and several plasma adipocytokines after ex...2021-01-25 19:25 172k
FileRehabilitation of muscle after injury – the role of anti-inflammatory drug.pdf2021-01-25 19:53 1164k
FileRehabilitation following acute anterior cruciate ligament injuries - a 12-mon...2021-01-25 19:53 108k
FileRegulation weight Body in humans.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 296k
FileRegulation of ubiquitin proteasome pathway molecular markers in response to e...2021-01-25 20:34 1060k
FileRegulation of subcutaneous adipose tissue blood flow during exercise in human...2021-01-25 17:17 328k
FileRegulation of skeletal muscle UCP-2 and UCP-3 gene expression by exercise and...2021-01-25 17:17 76k
FileRegulation of skeletal muscle protein turnover by insulin and IGF-I..(Hypertr...2021-01-25 18:34 184k
FileRegulation of skeletal muscle glycogen phosphorylase and PDH during maximal i...2021-01-25 18:19 176k
FileRegulation of Skeletal Muscle Glucose Transport and Glucose Metabolism by Exe...2021-01-25 19:45 1404k
FileRegulation of skeletal muscle fat oxidation during exercise in humans.pdf2021-01-25 17:17 1228k
FileRegulation of protein synthesis after acute resistance exercise in diabetic r...2021-01-25 19:44 128k
FileRegulation of protein synthesis after acute resistance exercise (Hypertrophy)...2021-01-25 18:34 200k
FileRegulation of plasma fatty acid oxidation during low- and high-intensity exer...2021-01-25 17:17 1616k
FileRegulation of Oxygen Consumption at the Onset of Exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 156k
FileRegulation of Oxygen Consumption at Exercise Onset - Is It Really Controversi...2021-01-25 18:24 152k
FileRegulation of Myostatin in Vivo by Growth and Differentiation Factor-Associat...2021-01-25 20:12 584k
FileRegulation of myostatin by glucocorticoids after thermal injury.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 216k
FileRegulation of myostatin activity and muscle growth.pdf2021-01-25 20:12 428k
FileRegulation of Muscle Protein by Amino Acids.pdf2021-01-25 20:25 156k
FileRegulation of muscle glycogen repletion, muscle protein synthesis and repair ...2021-01-25 18:34 204k
FileRegulation of metabolic genes in human skeletal muscle by short-term exercise...2021-01-25 17:17 224k
FileRegulation of Lipolysis and Lipoprotein Lipase after Weight Loss in Obese, Po...2021-01-25 17:17 72k
FileRegulation of hippocampal neurogenesis in adulthood.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 164k
FileRegulation of hexokinase II activity and expression in muscle by moderate exe...2021-01-25 19:16 116k
FileRegulation of fiber size, oxidative potential, and capillarization in human m...2021-01-25 17:37 272k
FileRegulation of fiber size, oxidative potential, and capillarization by RT.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 272k
FileRegulation of fatty acid oxidation in untrained vs. trained men during exerci...2021-01-25 17:17 112k
FileRegulation of fat-carbohydrate interaction in skeletal muscle during intense ...2021-01-25 17:17 2108k
FileRegulation of Fat Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 5112k
FileRegulation of energy expenditure by estradiol in premenopausal women.pdf2021-01-25 19:25 264k
FileRegulation of endogenous fat and carbohydrate metabolism in relation to exerc...2021-01-25 17:17 3324k
FileRegulation of components of the ubiquitin system by IGF-1 and GH..(Hypertroph...2021-01-25 18:34 820k
FileRegulation of Body Weight in Humans.pdf2021-01-25 17:17 332k
FileRegular exercise during pregnancy did not affect physical growth or mental de...2021-01-25 19:24 92k
FileRegular exercise as an effective approach in antihypertensive therapy.pdf2021-01-25 19:35 136k
FileRegular and moderate aerobic training before allergic asthma induction reduce...2021-01-25 20:01 1708k
FileRegrowth of skeletal muscle atrophied from inactivity (hypertrophy).pdf2021-01-25 18:34 636k
FileRegionalized adaptations and muscle fiber proliferation in stretch-induced en...2021-01-25 18:34 2940k
FileRegional muscle glucose uptake remains elevated 1 week after cessation of res...2021-01-25 19:44 1744k
FileRegional hemodynamics during postexercise hypotension. II. Cutaneous circulat...2021-01-25 19:35 324k
FileRegional hemodynamics during postexercise hypotension. I. Splanchnic and rena...2021-01-25 19:35 116k
FileRegional Fat Changes Induced by Localized Muscle Endurance Resistance Trainin...2021-01-25 17:17 188k
FileRegional body composition changes in women after 6 months of periodized RT.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 352k
FileRegional body composition changes in women after 6 months of periodized physi...2021-01-25 17:37 352k
FileRegional adaptation of collagen in skeletal muscle to repeated bouts of stren...2021-01-25 17:53 1340k
FileRegion specific patellar tendon hypertrophy in humans following resistance tr...2021-01-25 17:53 632k
FileRegeneration of new fibers in muscles of old rats reduces contraction-induced...2021-01-25 18:34 448k
FileRegenerated mdx mouse skeletal muscle shows differential mRNA expression (myo...2021-01-25 20:12 92k
FileReflex cardiovascular and ventilatory responses to increasing H+ activity in ...2021-01-25 19:35 2776k
FileReductions in resting blood pressure after 4 weeks of isometric exercise trai...2021-01-25 19:35 304k
FileReduction of inflammatory cytokine concentrations and improvement of endothel...2021-01-25 19:35 76k
FileReduction of Carcass Fat in Swine with Dietary Addition of Dihydroxyacetone a...2021-01-25 20:25 628k
FileReduction of arterial pressure and double product at rest after resistance ex...2021-01-25 19:35 332k
FileReduction in Obesity and Related Comorbid Conditions after Diet-Induced Weigh...2021-01-25 17:17 204k
FileReduction in Obesity and Related Comorbid Conditions after Diet-Induced Weigh...2021-01-25 17:17 204k
FileReduction in intra-abdominal adipose tissue after strength training in older ...2021-01-25 19:25 1976k
FileReduction in hybrid single muscle fiber proportions with RT in humans.pdf2021-01-25 17:37 452k
FileReduction in hybrid single muscle fiber proportions with resistance training ...2021-01-25 18:41 544k
FileReducing training frequency from 3 or 4 sessions-week to 2 sessions-week does...2021-01-25 18:19 284k
FileReducing the volume of sprint interval training does not diminish maximal and...2021-01-25 18:19 488k
FileReducing risk of injury due to exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:34 140k
FileReducing Resistance Training Volume during Ramadan Improves Muscle Strength a...2021-01-25 17:48 732k
FileReducing diet and-or exercise training decreases the lipid and lipoprotein ri...2021-01-25 17:17 56k
FileReducing diet and-or exercise effects on serum lipid and lipoprotein risk in ...2021-01-25 17:17 1032k
FileReduced whole-body fat oxidation in women and in the elderly.pdf2021-01-25 17:17 96k
FileReduced Resting Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis Is Rescued by Resistance Ex...2021-01-25 20:25 996k
FileReduced rate of energy expenditure as a risk factor for body-weight gain.pdf2021-01-25 17:17 1056k
FileReduced Neural Drive in Bilateral Exertions.pdf2021-01-25 17:53 432k
FileReduced neural drive in bilateral exertions (unilateral).pdf2021-01-25 17:28 432k
FileReduced Glucose Tolerance and Skeletal Muscle GLUT4 and IRS1 Content in Cycli...2021-01-25 20:25 616k
FileReduced frequency of resistance-type exercise training promotes adaptation of...2021-01-25 19:49 2156k
FileReduced central blood pressure in older adults following progressive resistan...2021-01-25 19:35 68k
FileRedistribution of sarcomere length during isometric contraction.pdf2021-01-25 17:32 5000k
FileRed flag screening for low back pain - nothing to see here, move along - a na...2021-01-25 19:53 332k
FileRed blood cell-derived atp as a regulator of skeletal muscle perfusion.pdf2021-01-25 18:40 936k
FileRecurrent renal stone disease—advances in pathogenesis and clinical managem...2021-01-25 19:24 96k
FileRecurrent renal stone disease-advances in pathogenesis and clinical managemen...2021-01-25 19:24 96k
FileRectus muscle diastasis in males - primary indication for endoscopically assi...2021-02-17 20:34 7640k
FileRectus abdominis diastasis.pdf2021-02-17 20:34 176k
FileRecruitment order of motor units in human vastus lateralis muscle is maintain...2021-01-25 18:28 356k
FileRecreational Runners with Patellofemoral Pain Exhibit Elevated Patella Water ...2021-01-25 19:53 616k
FileRecreational football is medicine against non-communicable diseases - A syste...2021-01-25 20:34 376k
FileRecovery training in cyclists - ergometric, hormonal and psychometric.pdf2021-01-25 20:34 160k
FileRecovery of the immune system after exercise.pdf2021-01-25 20:01 480k
FileRecovery of skeletal muscle contractility and hormonal responses to strength ...2021-01-25 17:48 184k
FileRecovery of skeletal muscle contractility after high- and moderate-intensity ...2021-01-25 17:28 168k
FileRecovery of skeletal muscle contractility after high and moderate-intensity s...2021-01-25 17:28 168k
FileRecovery of short-term power after dynamic exercise.pdf2021-01-25 18:28 1448k
FileRecovery of power output and muscle metabolites following 30 s of maximal spr...2021-01-25 18:24 2336k
FileRecovery of free ADP, Pi, and free energy of ATP hydrolysis in human skeletal...2021-01-25 18:24 124k
FileRecovery from Contraction-Induced Injury is Impaired in Weight-Bearing Muscle...2021-01-25 19:49 196k
FileRecovery after Heavy Resistance Exercise and Skeletal Muscle Androgen Recepto...2021-01-25 17:48 240k
FileRecommendations to Define Exercise Prescription for Duchenne Muscular Dystrop...2021-01-25 19:24 340k
FileRecomendações para a prática de exercício físico na gravidez - uma revis...2021-01-25 19:57 176k
FileReasons for not exercising and exercise intentions.pdf2021-01-25 19:24 244k
FileReallocating sedentary time to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity but not...2021-01-25 17:17 168k
FileReactivity of Ambulatory Blood Pressure to Physical Activity Varies With Time...2021-01-25 19:35 408k
FileReactive oxygen species and mitochondrial diseases.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 332k
FileRe-feeding after starvation & glycogen synthesis.pdf2021-01-25 19:16 360k
FileRe - Increased Risk of Non-fatal Myocardial Infarction Following Testosterone...2021-01-25 20:06 52k
FileRationale for Strengthening Muscle to Prevent Falls and Fractures - A Review ...2021-01-25 19:49 624k
FileRatings of Perceived Exertion in Active Muscle During High-Intensity and Low-...2021-01-25 17:28 188k
FileRatings of perceived exertion and muscle activity during the bench press exer...2021-01-25 17:33 104k
FileRates of performance loss and neuromuscular activity in men and women during ...2021-01-25 19:57 3456k
FileRate of weight loss during underfeeding - relation to level of physical activ...2021-01-25 17:17 632k
FileRate of Perceived Exertion as a Tool to Monitor Cycling Exercise Intensity in...2021-01-25 20:08 32k
FileRapidly In Strength Training Will Unload The Muscles And Limit Full Range Str...2021-01-25 17:48 296k
FileRapid muscle-specific gene expression changes after a single bout of eccentri...2021-01-25 20:10 276k
FileRapid increase in plasma GH after low-intensity RT with vascular occlusion.pdf2021-01-25 17:39 96k
FileRapid Force Production in Children and Adults - Mechanical and Neural Contrib...2021-01-25 19:39 1392k
FileRapid carbohydrate loading after a short bout of near maximal-intensity exerc...2021-01-25 20:25 964k
FileRange of Motion and Injury Occurrence in Elite Spanish Soccer Academies. Not ...2021-01-25 19:53 420k
FileRandomized trial of resistance training in myopathy of chronic heart failure.pdf2021-01-25 19:34 204k
FileRandomized trial of progressive resistance training to counteract the myopath...2021-01-25 19:34 204k
FileRandomized Re-Opening of Training Facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.pdf2021-01-25 19:24 176k
FileRandomized Controlled Trial of Weight Training and Lymphedema in Breast Cance...2021-01-25 19:28 392k
FileRaloxifene administration in post-menopausal women with osteoporosis - effect...2021-01-25 20:14 104k
FileRacial differences in amounts of visceral adipose tissue in young adults.pdf2021-01-25 19:24 88k
FileR9.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 508k
FileR8.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 516k
FileR7.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 492k
FileR6.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 260k
FileR5.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 92k
FileR46.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 176k
FileR45.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 204k
FileR44.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 280k
FileR43.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 168k
FileR42.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 184k
FileR41.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 100k
FileR40.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 660k
FileR4.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 640k
FileR39.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 2028k
FileR38.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 356k
FileR37.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 640k
FileR36.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 348k
FileR35.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 108k
FileR34.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 128k
FileR33.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 164k
FileR32.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 952k
FileR31.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 1052k
FileR30.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 428k
FileR3.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 152k
FileR29.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 820k
FileR28.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 1276k
FileR27.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 832k
FileR26.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 1520k
FileR25.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 1116k
FileR24.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 1408k
FileR23.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 128k
FileR22.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 164k
FileR21.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 256k
FileR20.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 76k
FileR2.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 348k
FileR19.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 1272k
FileR18.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 528k
FileR17.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 188k
FileR16.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 60k
FileR15.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 76k
FileR14.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 40k
FileR13.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 60k
FileR12.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 336k
FileR11.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 372k
FileR10.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 504k
FileR1.pdf2021-01-25 18:05 76k
FileQuestioning the Resistance-Aerobic Training Dichotomy.pdf2021-01-25 17:48 244k
FileQuantitative trait loci affecting growth and carcass composition of cattle se...2021-01-25 20:12 232k
FileQuantitative texture analysis in two-dimensional echocardiography application...2021-01-25 19:34 3672k
FileQuantitative genetic study of radiographic hand bone size and geometry.pdf2021-01-25 20:14 280k
FileQuantitative Genetic Analysis of Circulating Levels of Biochemical Markers of...2021-01-25 20:14 104k
FileQuantitative assessment of skeletal muscle activation using muscle functional...2021-01-25 17:33 244k
FileQuantitative assessment of pathways for lactate disposal in skeletal muscle f...2021-01-25 19:16 112k
FileQuantitative anatomy of the lumbar musculature.pdf2021-01-25 18:24 232k
FileQuantitative Analysis of Single- vs. Multiple-Set Programs in Resistance Trai...2021-01-25 17:48 136k
FileQuantitative analysis of amino acid oxidation and related gluconeogenesis in ...2021-01-25 18:24 8216k
FileQuantitation of Resistance Training Using the Session Rating of Perceived Exe...2021-01-25 17:33 140k
FileQuantitating the capillary supply and the response to RT in older men.pdf2021-01-25 17:28 164k
FileQuantifying training intensity distribution in elite endurance athletes - is ...2021-01-25 20:34 156k